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DStv Launches New Channel For Telenovelas ~Omonaijablog

MultiChoice has launched a pop-up channel, TLNovelas on DStv dedicated to Telenovelas. This channel showcases classic stories that are worth seeing again.  

Telenovelas generally traverse human emotions. They evoke a passion in viewers comparable to watching football. Telenovelas are a staple of many households. Most audiences see themselves in these characters; or they wish for or envy their lifestyles.

There are common themes that stand out in many Telenovelas: lost love, adultery, murder,  long lost relatives, deprived inheritance, love found.

A happy ending is usually the ultimate compensation for all the skirmishes that the characters face. No matter the recurring themes, there just seems to be some titles people just can’t get enough of. Here are some titles that belong to this class and will be showing on the pop-up channel:


In Teresa, a young woman, Teresa, is  driven by greed. Despite the sacrifices of her parents to give her a decent life, Teresa would rather cheat her way out of poverty through the manipulation of those closest to her.

Teresa abandons Mariano in order to marry Arturo but changes her mind when she meets and discovers that  her friends’ fiance, Fernando, is a very wealthy European aristocrat. She decides to capture Fernando, but her day of reckoning is also decided as well.

Love Spell

In Love Spell, Alejandro comes back home after an accident that leaves him with memory loss. He discovers that he has been married to Maria Jose, a poor village girl.

His brother Bruno had used Alejandro’s name to deceive Maria Jose into marrying him. Bruno had also arranged for Alejandro to be killed so that Maria Jose would inherit Alejandro’s fortune.

When Maria Jose arrives at the mansion, she discovers that she had been used by Bruno, but she is also afraid for Alejandro’s life now that he has survived the plot against him. Alejandro’s mission to clear things up leads him into falling in love with  Maria Jose.

Fooled Into Love

In Fooled Into Love,  the Carmona family are  forced to live their quiet life in the village for the city when  the government purchases their extensive property. Fecundo and Maria  and their four children crave their former lives.

Conflict arises when their animals cause damage to the Velasco’s house made up of Isabela and Santiago. The Velascos are sophisticated but on the brink of bankruptcy.

When Santiago realizes that Facundo is a millionaire, he tries to get him to invest in it. He plans to use  Isabel to seduce Facundo so that he would get the investment non-stop.


My Heart Is Yours

In My Heart Is Yours,  Ana Leal is a joyful and optimistic woman. She is on track to owning her dream house when disaster strikes, and she loses everything.

In her attempt to stay afloat, she decides to take up a job as a nanny to Fernando Lascurain, a businessman with  seven kids whose mother had recently died. The kids have made life difficult for dozens of nannies and are prepared to make Ana suffer too.

She’s able to strike a great friendship with Luz, the little girl, but the others try to frustrate her to quit. But she overcomes their antics. But she will also have to overcome Fernando or fall for him as they become attracted to each other.

A Beloved Man

In A Beloved Man,  Odorico Cienfuegos wins the election for the mayor of a small municipality called Loreto, under the promise that he will build a new cemetery. He counts on three sisters whom he maintains an amorous relationship with, without each knowing.

He is a fix when he discovers his daughter Valeria is madly in love with Leon. He becomes quick enemies with Leon.

But it is the cemetery that becomes his greatest obsession as he quickly needs someone to die and there has been no death in recent times. Odorico goes out of his way to persuade a depressed citizen, Liborio about how great a funeral will be held if someone dies.

Passion and Power

Eladio Gomez Luna and Arturo Montenegro are two successful businessmen. They have been in competition against each other in business and for the love of one woman, Julia.

Eladio eventually marries Julia after Arturo impregnates another woman. But Julia does not love Eladio despite the years of marriage. Eladio is abusive towards her and believes their son David is Arturo’s.

Fate will bring the two families together again when their children fall in love. This will also give Arturo another chance to fight for the love of Julia once more, despite the ruthless attempts of Eladio to stop this.

Wild At Heart

A beautiful but poor woman reinvents herself to avenge those who cruelly mistreated her. When  Maricruz Olivares and debonair pilot Octavio Narvaez meet by chance, they fall in love. But Octavio’s highbred family rejects her for her humble background and inflicts countless humiliations on her.

She flees to Mexico City where a kind paternal millionaire takes her in and transforms her into a refined and successful businesswoman. Armed with wealth and power, Maricruz returns to the ranch and the story unfolds.

The Rose of Quadalupe

In Rose of Quadalupe, each episode presents a self-contained story of a character whose conflict is resolved as a miracle after praying to The Virgin.

Each character puts a white rose that never wilts in front of her image. After the conflict is resolved, the white rose disappears.

TLNovelas is open to DStv subscribers on channel 133. Four telenovelas and one TV series will run throughout the week 24/7.


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