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Cosmetic Injectable Expert Alice Henshaw Set To Lunch In Africa ~Omonaijablog


Celebrity leading dermatologist, Alice Henshaw is set to debut in Africa. She’s launching her skincare range ‘Skincycles’ on Net-a-Porter in Africa and internationally. Alice hopes to open clinics in the Middle East, Europe and America in the future.

Alice Henshaw has treated over 12,000 patients and is a leader in cosmetic injectable and rejuvenation treatments. Her international training and experience has made her brand Harley Street Injectables, one of the most sought after in London. Her injectable services include but are not limited to anti-wrinkle injections, botox injections (Botulinum Toxin), dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid filler, prp, mesotherapy and Profhilo. All of these products are used to treat issues such as forehead lines, crows’ feet and volume loss that come with aging.

To reduce the side effect of these cosmetic treatments, she reveals her techniques, “We make use of cannula needles for our treatments with minimal side effects and recovery time.  We will make sure that you are familiar with the treatments before we begin so that you feel confident and have peace of mind. All of the risks will be evaluated and explained to you beforehand and any after care will be supported”. Every client of Alice has treatments that subtly suits them only after a bespoke consultation relating to the clients bone structure, skin quality and skin goal.

How affordable is Harley Street Inject? “Alice will assess your facial features and decide on a treatment plan that meets your needs and best suits your time frame and budget”. She prides herself on providing the most natural and effective results and she will usually give you several options to meet your needs ranging from less invasive to more invasive treatments. She only uses top of the range products and the latest techniques some of which she has created herself. You will never leave Harley Street Injectables looking like you’ve had something done or looking over done. During your consultation appointment, your individual and bespoke treatment plan will be created, selecting the most suitable product and procedures to ensure the very best results.

In an highly competitive industry like hers, her staying power and what makes her client keep coming back is her ability to build long lasting experience with her patient she affirms. According to her, she takes her time to get to know her patient before the treatment thereby creating a personal care plan for each individual.  

Her driving force is witnessing women offered either a look that is ‘trending’ or one a client does not necessarily need.  


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