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Sunday Adeyemo Igboho Deserves An Encomium, Praise And Accolade On This! ~Omonaijablog

I'm not a regular commentator on social and political activities of this nation, but as a Yoruba man and true son of Oduduwa, I think its pertinent to air my view on recent boldly decision taken by some gallantry Oduduwa soldiers led by our strong man and Babalaje of Yoruba land, Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo Igboho Oosa.

Some days ago, Chief Sunday Igboho's led Oduduwa soldiers took the bull by the horn by storming a very thick forest in Kisi and other parts of Oyo state where Fulani born bandits used as cover up to attack and maim our farmers. Only God knows how many sons and daughters of Oduduwa that have met their untimely death from these deadly Fulani herdsmen.

Before now, there were lot of cries from our farmers especially those from the following areas: Lanlante, Komu, Kisi, Igbo-Ora and  towns close to the mentioned Yoruba lands.

Many of our farmers have lost their farm lands and its produce worth several millions of naira to Fulani herdsmen that invaded their farms with their cows. They dare not question these heartless fellow, and if they do, it is either they get killed or get serious injury from their attackers.

But, thank God for the recent efforts of Chief Sunday Igboho, his foot soldiers coupled with the combined efforts of Nigerian soldiers and Civil defense Corps that stormed the thick forest in order to get rid of those Fulanis from our lands . 

Since few days now, these Oduduwa soldiers have laid their lives to defend our fathers land from the invaders, they all left their comfort zone to fight and protect our land from the herdsmen.

Without any fear of contradiction, Chief Sunday Igboho have exhibited the character expected of a good leader, he has led by example, is indeed an akikanju okunrin ogun and a true leader that deserves our total support.


And to all Yoruba sons and daughters, lets give our soldiers support, they deserve our prayers, they deserve our support and may the Oduduwa and all Orisa gbogbo ile Yoruba be with them all.

Thank you, Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho Oosa, Majasola, Ekun Baba Dami, okunrin oogun, a to fise ogun ran.

By Taofik Afolabi, Lagos Based Journalist and A Blogger.

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