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Dilapidated School: A Clarion Call To Rescue Sawonjo High School From Disheartening Situation ~Omonaijablog

From the Principal's Desk

We call on the Federal, State and Local Governments to look into the disheartening situation of Sawonjo High School, Sawonjo in Ipokia Local Government area of Ogun State. Non-governmental are also not left out in helping the situation of the school founded in 1980.

As we speak, the school is presently in dilapidated situation where Principal, Teachers, Staff and Students manage themselves to give and receive lectures. Some of the problems facing were highlighted below:


a. There are three blocks/buildings in the school

b. The first is the ancient block built at the inception of the school in 1980. It was formerly a three-classroom block but later turned to a hall with the middle walls (partitions) removed. As at now, it is used as a hall for exams as well as classes for SSS I & II, a class faces the front and the other the back. The interference of one class with the other in terms of noise and echo of voice is a serious problem.

The condition of the building is as follows:
Since its construction in 1980, the walls in and out are not plastered 
The hall has failed floors.

The roof made of iron sheets have become decayed and tattered.

Some parts of the iron sheets have been blown off.
There is no ceiling. Palm leaves are tucked under the roof to reduce the scorching effect of heat on the students.

The wooden doors and windows with their frames are broken and some have fallen off the walls.

When it rains, both the teachers and students are usually drenched.

Teacher often dash to the staffroom while students find all means to protect there in books. 

c.The second is a three-classroom building used for the staffroom, the laboratory/library and an SS3 class. The Laboratory and the library share a single small room. Science equipment and books are jam-packed in this small room. Chemicals and books litter the floor. At the entrance of this small room is a small cubicle which is used as the Vice- Principal's office. This office is also filled with documents and books, with little or no ventilation.

d.The third is a four classroom building. It is used for JSS 1 to 3 classes. The fourth class is partitioned, a portion for computer laboratory and a portion as the Principal's office.
At present SUBEB is undertaking the renovation of the building. The roof had been removed. But, when for Gods sake will the renovation be completed. The pace at which the work is going is slower than that of a snail.
The iron sheets, the planks, the computer items, etc are kept in the SSS3 class to avoid chemical and physical weathering and to ensure relative safety of the materials. 
The Principal now sits and does his daily work in the staffroom

e. Before now, a tent was constructed at the back of the ancient hall as a class for SS1-3 for use when the classes have alternative/elective subjects.

f. As at now, only the deplorable/appalling ancient hall is available for use for JSS1 to SSS3. The JSS 1 students are now using the tent outside which is  even awaiting a reconstruction as it had been destroyed during COVID 19 closure of Schools.
 There are three departments in the school:
Science, Commercial and Arts. In the science department, there are no Biology and Chemistry teachers.
In the commercial department, there are  no Accounts, Economic, Commerce and Office practice teachers.
In the Arts department, there are no Yoruba, Government and Geography teachers.
There is no teacher for Tourism-the trade subject for the school.
Only a single teacher teaches Mathematics from JSS1 to SSS3.

With the appalling Situation, how do we meet/achieve the teaching-learning objectives? How do we compete with good schools with adequate human and material resources ?

I wish to state/promise that if an individual or a group of people could afford to build a block of one, two, three or four  classrooms or a hall or an office or library or a laboratory e.t.c, for the school, his/her or their names shall be immortalized e.g. Ade Adetola Hall, Prince Yetunde Library, "Omoba Adetutu"Laboratory etc.

Finally, I hereby appeal to all and sundry, let us all rise up and build Sawonjo High School to taste. Thank you all.
I am eagerly expecting your prompt and positive responses.
See  some attached pictures of the whole situation.

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