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Boomerang’s Magic Makers Marks Nigeria’s Independence Day With 60 Reasons To Celebrate! ~Omonaijablog

Nigerian children featured in new Magic Makers series to help commemorate this important day in Nigeria's history.

The time has come to raise the flag, sing the national anthem, and observe a key moment in Nigeria's history. With 60 years since Nigeria gained independence from Britain, the country has more than enough reason to celebrate on the 1st of October! True to Nigerian culture, one can either go big or go home!

To celebrate this monumental milestone, Boomerang has prepared something special for its young viewers with fun activities, engagements, testimonials, and everything in-between to help commemorate this important day in Nigeria's history! 

The Magic Makers initiative, proudly brought by Boomerang to audiences all over Africa, is all about inspiring creativity to make those magical moments shine just a little brighter!  The series, which kicked off on Mother’s Day, followed by Father’s Day, allows little ones to show off their wildest, craziest, and imaginative ideas to the Boomerang community.

For the third edition of Magic Makers, Nigerian children can now join in the Independence Day celebrations - customarily observed by spending the day with family or visiting friends and having a traditional meal together – by sharing the fruits of their creative imaginations with their peers across Africa, showcasing their cultural diversity.

Launching on Thursday, 17 September, Boomerang's Magic Makers website will give children 60 reasons to celebrate Nigeria's Independence Day through a video series providing children with a voice, showcasing their stories, and giving them a platform to share cool, creative ideas to mark the day. From specially designed crafts, to yummy recipes, DIY stop-motion tutorials, quizzes to interactive activities and games to encourage creative thinking, the website will keep kids entertained with refreshed, fun, new stuff to discover until the end of October.

Magic Makers will be aired across the whole continent on DStv channel 302, offering video testimonials from local Nigerian kids on how they celebrate Independence Day with their family, and how their friends, across Africa, can make their celebrations a little more special too! 

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