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Yahaya Sharif Death Sentence: Again Primate Ayodele Begs Sultan To Intervene ~Omonaijablog

Primate Ayodele has further spoken about the death sentence given to Kano singer, Yahaya Sharif after he warned against killing him few days ago.

He has called on the Sultan Of Sokoto to intervene in the matter and ensure the young Nigerian isn’t killed.

He explained that he isn’t disputing the fact that he is at fault for blasphemy but death should not be a capital punishment to that.

He made it known that the Sultan of Sokoto is a man of love and that he should use his powerful office to ensure that Yahaya Sharif isn’t killed.

Also, He warned that killing him is tantamount to incurring the wrath of God, hence, justice should be tampered with mercy.

He further noted that if death punishment is being levied on such offence, then any Boko haram member caught should be immediately killed too.

Similarly, Primate Ayodele urged President Buhari to speak up and make amends on the sharia laws especially the ones that has to do with execution.

‘God isn’t happy about killing Sheriff, I’m not a Muslim but I appeal to Sultan who preaches Love, and Islamic council, to use their good office to address the issue of Yahaya Sharif.

I know they have been killing several people but Yahaya Sheriff’s case is different, his death will incur God’s wrath, which won’t be good.

President Buhari should do something about Sharia Laws especially the ones that deals with execution, if execution is the punishment for an offence like this, then execution should also be the punishment to Boko haram member.

I am not disputing the fact that He committed an offence but justice should be tampered with mercy.’’

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