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Success And Emmanuel’s Young Love Comes Alive In Episode 3 Of 'Love Come Back' ~Omonaijablog

The third episode of Africa Magic’s Love Come Back was very aww-inducing. The episode features Success who was trying to get back her ex, Emmanuel months after she broke up with him. 


Success met Emmanuel in the University of Benin where they were both students at the time. She was in her second year of study while he was in his final year. They dated for two years and were crazily in love with each other for the most part of those two years. 


Things began to change after Success loaned Emmanuel her house rent to start up a business. Cute right? They both agreed that he was to pay back in 5 months, but that didn’t happen. According to her, she started having doubts about his commitment to her and their relationship because they weren’t talking as much as they used to - even though she admits that this could also be because she nagged a lot. That, coupled with the fact that he didn’t pay back the money she loaned him after the agreed 5 months, drove her to break up with him in front of his friends while calling him out on his debt. 


It’s been a couple of months since that break-up and Success is still very much in love with Emmanuel. Her friend, Cynthia encouraged her to go on Love Come Back and try to win him back. After consultations with the show’s host Ibrahim Suleiman and the rest of the Love Come Back team, operation win back Emmanuel’s love officially kicked off. 


The Love Come Back team got Emmanuel to come out under the guise of a documentary being shot by famous filmmaker, Tosin Igho. He was told the documentary was centered on graduates of the University of Benin and he was very pleased to do it. Midway into the shoot, Ibrahim led him to a skating rink specifically put together for the purpose of getting him and Success back together. 


When Success, who had been waiting for him in the skating rink with a mask on, took off her mask, a shocked Emmanuel let out a scream. They hugged afterwards and made up promising to communicate more going forward as a lot of their misunderstandings in the past were as a result of a lack of communication. 


Love Come Back airs on Sundays at 6:30 PM on DStv Channel 151 for Premium and Compact Plus customers.

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