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Pastor kumuyi And His Cockroach Infested Coat: Is That One A Pastor? ~Omonaijablog

By Wale Ojo Lanre

Please I just ask a question and if you are a man of God and a lover of Jesus Christ, even if you sincerely belong to the Deeper Life Church, you don't have to frown your face at this article or see me as a devil incarnate from Usi Ekiti.

So please spare me your 'God punish you for your sacrilegious and degrading devil inspired question or your Holy Ghost fire me' stand.

I just want you to know that I am not a member of the Redeem Church of God.
I don't belong to the Mountain of Fire Ministry. Neither do I belong to the Church of the rich man of Ota.
I share no affiliation with Ile kewu graduate now Pastor Bakare.

And I don't fancy the Jerry curl funkky group of the Lord under Kris Okotie
I am a Catholic by both and by inclination
So nobody or group or sect is sponsoring this attack of mine against the person of Pastor Kumuyi.
And I don't know when asking question has become a sin against the man of God?
So, let your mind rest in peace or if you are not satisfied ,it can blow into pieces. 
Really let us say the fact.

Let's us remain objective in this matter 
And ask the question again 
Look ,is Pastor Kumuyi a Pastor or man of God? 
For me I don't think so. Let us start straight away. Get a picture of Pastor Kumuyi 
First, look at his hair...

You will notice that the man is so stingy that he can only manage to wash his hair with water leaving it so natural without spending heavy amount of the Church's money in nuturing , tending  and styling the hair to distract the eyes and hearts of the worshippers from the words being preached to the hair of the Pastor
Can you see his coat ? Somebody described it as cockroach infested cost . Does his coat look like a Pastor"s suit? 

It is from him that I know that there is a difference between a coat and a suit. 
And you called him a Pastor when he can not deck himself in designer's lattest brand but goes about in suit cut by one of his church members who must have learnt the trade from the late Pa  Idowu Noble, the USI Ekiti born  first Ekiti man trained to be a professional tailor.
Look at his shoes, his attitude to the coat fashioned his attitude to shoe, a Pastor who shoes are countable and within the digit is that a Pastor? 

Pastors are known, recognised, cherished, adored, awed and respected by the number of aircraft they have on the tarmac or legions of exotic cars in their garages.  God bless my Pastor Jerry curl singer . Are those not good pastors
Excuse me , do you think Kumuyi is a Pastor indeed for refusing to buy a plane but rather built a first class hospital where members of his church and public have access to free medical services ? And you called him a Pastor? 
 To me, Pastor Kumuyi is not it at all.
I remember the day I mistakenly joined the Bamideles of the Federal Polythecnic ,Ado Ekiti for a marriage ceremony in his church in Ado.

You will not believe me, I came back home with the loads of naira which I wanted to drop at the church thinking that Deeper would used  and utilized the marriage ceremony to farm people off their pockets on different types of Thanksgiving offerings and money for this and that.

And you think Pastor Kumuyi is a Pastor when he refused to use the church money to build a University which majority of his members will not have access to.

And surprising, it is this church of Pastor Kumuyi which has no culture of spiritually forcing and luring members to donate money that has also find it very easy to construct a bridge for the use of the general public in Lagos.

And tell me now ,without any bias ,is Pastor Kumuyi a man of God or god of men?

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