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HYMNODIA Rolls Out 10 New Original Hymns In Stanza 7 Of Season 2 ~Omonaijablog

...As Enenche is Hymnvicted.

Hymnodia... the art of worship.

Enenche, the medical doctor who voluntarily deferred his admission into Hymnodia Season 1 for his medical college and was expressly absorbed into the Hymnstitute for Hymnodia Season 2 has sang his last note in the Hymnstitute.
The contest was keen amongst the 5 Hymntestants that were up on probation for possible hymnviction. But 1 had to go. And his votes couldn't save him. A medical doctor, a singer and a composer, Enenche, has been Hymnvicted from Hymnodia Season 2.
Meanwhile, the first reality television show created around worship and hymns, Hymnodia, has just produced 10 new original hymns in stanza 7. These lovely, melodious and soul lifting hymns were the results of the task for the stanza; a self-composed hymn. Hymnodia, a wholesome reality show which is fast gathering fans, viewers across various strata and sections of the country. 

So amazing was stanza 7 that it provoked a twist from the judges and faculty. After listening to 10 original hymns newly composed by the Hymntestants, the judges and faculty got ecstatic that they quickly released this communique as read by the head of the Hymnstitute for the week, Ogochukwu; "On behalf of the judges and faculty, because of the originality and ingenuity in the hymns performed today.
We will like everyone to be exempted from probation tonight. Congratulations Hymntestants. Signed: Music Director". This got the Hymntestants by surprise and they busted into singing as the whole arena was spirit filled. 

And we say, though they worked through the valley of probation, they feared no Hymnviction. 

Hymnodia, It's beyond singing !

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