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For The First Time, New Comers Join Probation In Hymnodia Season 2 ~Omonaijablog

 ...Yinka and Steve up for eviction with 3 others. 

It's beyond singing. Truly with Hymnodia it's beyond singing. Till stanza 6, Yinka and Steve had a smooth run eyeing the ASAPH, a brand new car and 5million Naira. These 2 never felt the heat of probation. The pressure of performing to remain in the Hymnstitute. 
But a stop to their smooth sail came when despite their prolific performances, the big hammer of the judges fell on Yinka, Steve and 3 others. Keeping them on their toes to give convincing performances to remain in the Hymnstitute. 

Who leaves?
Who stays?
Vote now to save your favourite Hymntestant. 
Up on probation are Yinka Steve, Enenche, Json and Ogochukwu.

Visit and click on vote.

Hymnodia... the art of worship.

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