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Behold The Nigerian Prophet Who Warned About Lebanon Bomb Blasts In 2019 ~Omonaijablog (Picture proof)

The Prophecy made by one of Nigeria’s leading Prophet, Primate Ayodele on Lebanon and the protests against Nigerian government has surfaced online.

Primate Ayodele made these prophecies in 2019 during the release of his annual book of prophecy titled warning to all nations and during the release of his 2020 prophecies in December 2019.

On page 216 of his book, Primate Ayodele asked Lebanon to be watchful to avert strange killings. He also said the country should pray against bomb attacks that will shake the country

‘There will be terrible crisis in the country especially Beirut. The country and the people must be watchful to avert strange killings and protests. The country should pray against Bomb attacks and bomb scare that will shake the nation’


Unfortunately, few days ago, there was a gory scene that went viral on the social media scene and it was that of a bomb blasts that shook Lebanon, killing some and injuring scores.

In the same vein, Primate Ayodele made it known on December 14, 2019 that he sees a protest against Nigerian government in 2020.

This prophecy was published alongside several others on some news platforms.

However, as he has said it, few days ago, there was a protest organized by #RevolutionNow in many states of the country against the leadership of the country.

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