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A Prayer For The World: HYMNODIA Hits Stanza 7 ~Omonaijablog

Hymnodia, It's beyond singing.

Seeing the Hymntestants sing away joyfully and sonorously in every stanza does not truly give one the real picture of the tasks, efforts, determination and drive each and every Hymntestant puts in to actualise their dreams. 
Stepping into the Hymstitute for Hymnodia, one must leave a composer, a poet, a better communicator with God and a complete singer. 

As Hymnodia Season 2 hits Stanza 7, a new theme is cast; A PRAYER FOR THE WORLD. New tasks are set. This is the stanza of Original Compositions. Every Hymntestant in the Hymnstitute must present a self-composed Hymn. Also a poetic talk with God alluding to scripture. It's beyond singing.
So, as the Hymntestants pray for the world (us) from the Hymnstitute, let us as well pray for them. 
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Hymnodia... the art of worship.

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