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‘CFO Properties’ Set To Assist In Housing Challenge Omonaijablog

With the rampaging effect of the coronavirus pandemic and global economy predicted to go into recession anytime soon, ‘CFO Properties’ is set to assist In housing challenge facing the country.

MD/CEO of CFO Properties Mr Okonji Chuks has offered to assist individuals, Group, corporate organization and government parastatals who are interested in real estate and investment.

Speaking with group of newsmen at his Lagos office he warned that the housing challenge will get tougher, if proper planning is not put in place.
He said the company will be contributing its quota to assist the Federal Government in her efforts aimed at providing shelter for the citizens, he said they will also be constructing roads and bridges to make there site accessible which is what CFO Properties stands for.

However, other industry players view this initiative as an audacious move by helping the government to solve to solve the issues of shelter in the country.
Speaking further, Mr Okonji said investors can join them to achieve this goal at a very affordable rate.

He said they plan to simplified home ownership like its done in western world. He further explained that the firm has looked at the housing deficit critically in the country and decided that it had to be a part of the solution to the housing deficit problem.

Mr Okonji revealed that the research carried out by his firm led to the conclusion and aim to reach out to people by giving them the opportunity to own their own homes through a simplified process that they intend to work out with investors.

It will come in form of mortgage system, though we are not a mortgage firm. It works like what you have in developed countries- a mortgage system which enables you pay for your own house through your rent payment over a period of time, that’s what we intend to workout with investors.

Also we intend to release the house once they pay up a certain percentage of the house and they will pay the balance while they are in the house already he said.
He said the firm is constantly coming out with new innovations to solve problems and give people value for living.

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