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What Should We Do To This Big Crocodile We Captured Around Our Estate Today? (Photos) ~Omonaijablog

I have been watching films and seeing crocodiles. I've gone to zoo sometimes and saw one but not as close as the one we caught just within our estate today.

It's been raining consistently in Lagos for some days now. And I believed it might be the same experience in other parts of the country as well. Everywhere is wet. The weather is cold and to cap it all, most of us are still under lockdown. 

I am living around Alagbole, a popular Lagos/Ogun State suburb under Isheri/Alagbole/Akute Local Council Development Area, LCDA, in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria. In fact, my Estate, Ifedayo, is not only wet, it is a swampy area with thick bushes, not just bushes but virgin forest.

For quite some time now, we have been noticing tractors coming around our area to clear canals, channel rivers and creating means to stop pipeline vandals around our Estate. This exercise has been going on from time to time not until yesterday evening when they showed up again to clear another portion of the virgin forest. 

The two men on the tractor have not worked for 30 minutes when they saw these three 'innocent' crocodiles. They were helpless. The tractor drivers have rounded them up and give them no means of escape. They were all captured.

With the help of some of us who could withstand the frightening nature of the creatures, we tied them up with ropes,their hands to their back with logs of woods in their mouth. 

Two hefty men each was to carry each of the animal. Although, we didn't use any official weighing metrics but, it weighed more than 50kg each. It was more than six feet long with strong scales that showed that they have been in the bush for a long time.
We did not only captured crocodiles, we equally killed a long cobral that has just swallowed a bush rat. 

The tractor men took two of the crocodiles away with a motive that they want to sell them and make money out of them. Because we assisted them, they gave us one, already tied. Since the time it was captured, our estate has become a zoo-like with those who want to catch a glimpse of live crocodile. Not only to see but, to touch and take pictures with it. 

As at now, we are still considering all options on what to do with the crocodile. While some said we should kill and share the meat, some said we should sell it off and share the money, while some were of the opinion that we should find means to locate a zoo around our area and take it there... 

It is still raining here and there might still be more...

See more pictures from the scene of the captured crocodiles... 

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