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Majek Fashek May Still Be Alive If We Had Believed His Manager ~Omonaijablog

By Gbenga Shaba 

That the rain maker is gone is no longer a news. That he died after a long battle with Esophageal Cancer in his sleep on Monday June 1, 2020 in New York City is also no longer a news.

That he died at an 'unripe age' of 57, as confirmed by his manager, Omenka Uzoma Day, is also a known fact. However, if we had all hacken to the clarion call of the manager of the legendary reggae musician, he could still be alive now! 

Yes! He could still be alive. Remember late last year, around September 2019, to be precise, the singer's manager, Umenka Uzoma Day revealed that he was seriously ill and was hospitalized at a medical facility in London, that aside our prayers he needs our financial assistance? Yes he said but, we all kept praying and left the other part.

Uzoma had said, "Majek Fashek is very sick as we are currently at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolich in England. Sorry, this message is coming late, but let us all support him with prayers as we also really need support financially for upkeep. More updates with videos and pics will be uploaded soonest," he said.

Yes! He could still be alive if Nigerians, lovers of good reggae music, his fans and our money bags had acted on this clarion call with all sincerity of purpose, we could have joined hands to save this legendary musician and undoubtedly one of the greatest exports from Africa could still be alive.

I am one of those who does not like celebrating the dead. I'm more fulfilled when I contributed my own quota to the cause of a man who is lying ill but still alive.

Remember my report about late Pa Kasumu when he was soliciting for financial help? That was what I love doing and not paying tributes to the dead. 

I have been monitoring the arrays of tribute that has been coming his way since the news of his death broke at the early hours of Monday June I, 2020 most especially among his celebrity friends and I was distraughted.

Aside benevolent businessman, Femi Otedola who decided to foot all the medical bills for the reggae music icon at his London based hospital then and some Nigerians who may not want to be named at those times, others who today are paying tributes might have contributed to save his life and Yes! He could still be alive.

Among his colleagues, I could remember his manager once revealed during an interview with Nigeria Info’s 99.3 FM, that Olamide was the only celebrity that supported the reggae singer financially during his health issues.

Yes! Only Olamide. Others were allegedly backbiting. They were busy championing the cause that Majek's manager had collected a lot of money from Femi Otedola when the billionaire announced his involvement in Majek's care. These celebrities who today were paying tributes, showing their use of diction,  displaying unsolicited solidarity and love for the dead could not support him while he was alive.

I remembered when Uzoma, his manager said "For those of you that are praying, prayers are working, every day there is a gradual improvement. We need funds, we need money for maintenance. The notable Nigerians that deposited for his medication...but we still need money for other things. We also heard that people are raising money which is without our consent..." he said. We need funds he kept saying. Meaning with enough funds, he could have survived, but nothing substantial was forth coming.

Let us even leave the financial contributions of his colleagues and those celebrities aside. They may not be what they look because we know some of them are displaying what one of them termed 'audio money'.

But what of if they all decided to use their influence to campaign for financial assistance for him? What of if they come together and do a short video to show him their solidarity and support? What of if they use their social media handles to solicit for international donations for him? Who says an international foundation can't take care of his medical bills? But, non of these were done! Now, the rain maker will continue to make rain in the heaven but, he could still be alive if we had truly showed him 'this love' while he was alive. 

There are still many musical, art, movie and sport legendaries who are still critically lying ill at various hospitals in and outside Nigeria at the moment, don't let us wait until we pay them tributes at the grave! 

What do you think about this? Kindly drop your comment. 

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