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Idahosa Wells Okunbo: A Good Man Deserves His Peace ~Omonaijablog

As a stakeholder in Edo state and one who has passionately made films that exported our great culture to the rest of the world, I feel very obliged to air my view on the current political upheaval that has befallen our state which some naysayers have leveraged on to cast aspersions on the person of Capt. Dr. Hosa Wells Okunbo.

It is on record that following the political development in Nigeria in 2015, Capt. Dr. Hosa Wells Okunbo publicly resigned from active politics. Before and after then, he has continued to support every worthy venture that brings about development of not just Edo but the entire country.

In my primary constituency, the Creative Industry, Capt. Dr. Hosa  Wells Okunbo keeps supporting every born edo man and woman that is into entertainment and creative industry as a whole. What many could not do, he has magnanimously become our most sort after, and most run-to when we need help or resources to improve our craft. He keeps  supporting tons and tons of artistes, comedians, cultural groups, musicians, movie makers ,actors etc, both from Edo and beyond.

A torch bearer like him deserves his peace. However, it beats my imagination why some riff-raffs and political jobbers will take it upon themselves to castigate and insult the person of Capt. Dr. Hosa Wells Okunbo. As one of his  benefactors among many others, I am  appealing to those who are seeking political relevance by dragging an immaculate man into the mud with them to think twice.

I want to reiterate that anyone who wishes to dance a dance of shame should not invite the spirits into the ridiculous funfair. The good man keeps doing  his bits for the social/economic and cultural development of Edo  and he has said he is no longer interested  in politics and chosen to support anyone that the good people of Edo state elect as their leader.

I, therefore categorically insist that anyone  engaging in this disperagaing and derogatory venture should henceforth desist and  allow Capt. Dr. Hosa Wells Okunbo to be and enjoy his serenity, for a GOOD MAN  DESERVES  HIS  PEACE !!!.

 Okpioba, Ambassador Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen
Edo born International multiple award  Filmmaker,
Culture activist 

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  1. Nice write up sir, I wonder what they intend to achieve with such attitude.