FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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Fact File: If Obaseki Had Owned His Own Political Party, Then Truly, Edo State Wouldn't Have Been Lagos ~Omonaijablog

As it stands today, Nigeria does not have any political party truly owned by the mass movement of the people of Nigeria. The ones we have now, have founding owners and these are the people we maliciously labelled 'godfathers'.

The so-called 'godfathers' are those Nigerians, who created all the political parties all of us are calling our own today.

God fathers are those Nigerians, who thought of creating or founding political parties with their own money; mental endowments; risk of life; political interest; time and other material resources, when you and I were still doing something else with our own; sleeping in the nights; not thinking about it, or we were still labeling politics as the devil's vocation or social businesses.

Let's be fair to them, these are the bold Nigerians, who created all these parties, when our own fathers were doing good business with their own money or investing it where they are making good profits on their investments.

And so, when it is time to reap the fruits of their  efforts from the political parties they laboured so hard to build, you now say they are silly 'godfathers', who should go and sit down somewhere for you to hijack the process for 'ideal' democratic practices.

Where is that done?! And where were those ideal democratic practices, when they were using their lives and resources to build those political parties?!

Even in the US, where democracy and party politics have been existing for more than 400 years, you can't get it that cheaply.

The realistic question is, are you the owner of the party?!

Where were you, when these so-called 'demonised' godfathers were spending their personal money in millions to build and grow the party?!

Where were you, when they were donating their properties to run the various party Secretariats and state offices across the country?!
Where were you when they were holding meetings consistently, burning so much candles in the dead of the nights and all of us were sleeping and do not even know anything about all these?!

Where were you when they were travelling from states to states and towns to towns at the risk of their own lives to consult with Nigerians of compatible political interests, just for the necessary growth and survival of that political party you are claiming is your own today?

Or, how much of your money in donation or contributions is in the running funds and cost  of the growth and survival of that 'your' political party?!

Or, perhaps, where were you, when party members will always go to the home of that party leader to collect his personal money in millions on daily basis to fund the establishment and growth of the party structure across the state or the country?!

These are few or more of the questions, which are begging for answers with our consciences as Nigerians, who would always attack and talk badly about the activities of these party leaders, when it is time to excercise the influences of their stakeholdership in the parties they laboured and contributed effortfully to build. 

On the prevalent issue of Edo State, where Obaseki has been operating to malign and denigrate the founding actors of politics in the state, I have refrained from giving my attention to his political folly, because I know that a time like this would soon come, when he would definitely go and lick the wounds of those 'godfathers' he has been demonizing and maligning since he became the governor of the state.

I know a time like this would come, when he would by himself go and seek for the help of  many of the so-called 'godfathers', which he has been disgracing, fighting and attacking in his party, because I know that Obaseki does not own his own political party, where he could contest freely without the politics of the second term ticket.

As far as APC is concerned today, he just a member given the privilege to become a governor on the flag of the party. I know he, like Mr. Ambode, the former governor of Lagos State, is not one of the owners of the ruling party. So, he can't contest without the ticket.

And if he does, he wouldn't need the Bourdillion house of any 'godfather' again to contest the next election and win. He would have just gone ahead to submit his name to INEC.

Let's call a spade what it is, Godwin Obaseki has not handled his issues with the National Chairman of his party well at all! That is not how to treat a 'godfather' benefactor no matter how bad or terrible Adams Oshiomole's character could now be to him or his government.

It is wrong to have denigrated the office of the former governor of his state and the National chairman of his party in the manner he has carried on all along. And little did he know that when you fight the National Chairman of your party the way he has gone about it, it is the collective political health, integrity and interest of all the owners (godfathers) of that party you are directly or indirectly fighting.

What is not right is not right!

 Obaseki has not been right in his Fayose-like approach all along.

But today, he now needs the help of the same so-called godfathers in the party to secure his second term ticket, which I doubt very, if he would get it again. Simply because, he does not own a political party of his own, where he could easily manufacture the ticket.

If Adam's Oshiomole has taught you how to fight godfathers in Edo State, did he teach you how to fight him as your benefactor and the substantive sitting National Chairman of your party?!

The type of a political party Obaseki has been operating all along in the first term of his government does not exist in Nigeria yet. All the political parties we have in Nigeria right now have owners ones and one of them is that man of the Bourdillion; Adams Oshiomole; Atiku Abubakar; President Muhammadu Buhari and many others.


If Edo were not to be Lagos, then his jittery visits to the homes of all the 'godfathers', the founding fathers and the owners, of the All Progressives Congress he had earlier de-marketed, wouldn't have ever been necessary again for Obaseki and co.

It is instrumental for me to reiterate it for the umpteenth time, however, that we will all continue to deceive ourselves, if we continue to believe that all the political parties that are operating in Nigeria right now belongs to Nigerians.

All the political parties we have in Nigeria right now have and founding fathers and those are the people some of us ungratefully labelled and demonise as the godfathers.

We are just the card carrying members of those parties for electoral usefulness and party organizations and administration et cetera.

If Godwin Obaseki had owned his own party, then he wouldn't have needed to come to Lagos to seek the help of one of the 'godfathers' he has been attacking and maligning their political personalities all along, and by now, Edo State wouldnt have been Lagos"

- Olukayode Salako writes from, Implemented, Ojodu,  Lagos State.

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