FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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It’s All About The Price You Pay For The Life You Choose on Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 3 -Omonaijablog

So, we were all anticipating the cliffhanger from last week’s episode, as to why Mercy needed to visit her clinic and now, we’ve gotten some answers!

Mercy woke up feeling down and decided to pay a visit to her doctor. Her sister, Promise was worried because she had no clue of what could possibly be wrong with Mercy and waited for her to return with feedback. After Mercy’s doctor ran some tests, it turned out that all she needed to do was get some rest and drink a lot of water.

 Ike had a conversation with his sister, Cindy over the phone on how he’s getting his life back together and how their parents sent him a car and other items from the US through his uncle. Come on, a car! Wow. The siblings also spoke about how their dad needs Ike to document how much he’s making and spending. They both found it funny, I mean I’m sure we all did too. Ike also confided in us, the viewers, talking about trying to get booked and not expecting this fame to go from ‘0 to 100’ real quick when he decided to move back to Nigeria.

 Mercy gave Ike the lowdown from her trip to the clinic and he was a bit surprised because he’s never known her to be the type to go see a doctor. He threw in a cute comment, saying he doesn’t know what he would do without her, awww!

Promise heard back from Mercy and mentioned that her sister works very hard, she’s a strong woman and she needs to take care of herself. Mercy broke down saying she “just wants to relax and be taken care of”, she also thinks she worries about everyone else apart from herself but now she needs to take care of herself too. Poor Mercy, I would like to think we understand how she feels.

 Mercy got a call from her lawyer, Chigeoke not to miss her 10 O’clock appointment at his firm. Mercy eventually made it down there and spoke about her real estate business, ‘Lambo Homes’. She mentioned her passion for real estate and how she now has the means, platform and funds to carry it out. We were informed that she put some of her winnings from Big Brother S4 towards building her dream company and venturing out to places around and beyond Africa.

 Ike visited Motive Mall with his cousin, Ikechukwu for his video shoot. Whilst they were there, Ike told his cousin about Mercy’s health and how he would like to visit her after he rounds up with the shoot. Boyfriend material over here!

Having conversations with siblings can be comforting, Mercy had a heart to heart with her sister, Promise about Ike and she thinks Mercy doesn’t need to rush into anything due to pressure and shouldn’t commit simply because she’s excited. She also needs to chill and think about what she’s getting herself into, for example, if there are things herself and Ike can’t tolerate, they should cut it off. Mercy went on to ask Promise about moving in with Ike and Promise straight up said she doesn’t think they should move into together because they aren’t married. Plus, since Ike has a place she can get here to visit. Mercy took in her sister’s advice and after thinking about it for a sec, she said her mum can’t be in one room while she and Ike will be coming out of another.

 Mercy and Ike struggled with putting one’s priority over the other. The couple have tried to go on trips together in the past but work always came in the way. Mercy felt like she needs to go on holiday based on her doctor’s prescription to rest. Unfortunately, Ike won’t be able to join her due to his schedule clashing with hers. He seemed distraught about the situation and Mercy insisted he should try and see if he can cancel he’s engagements.

At this point, Mercy travelled to London without her other half and Ike met up with his friend, Magnito who had a few things to say, such as the video he saw of Mercy landing in the UK as well as a video of her with Wilie XO. Ike and his friend had a laugh about it and went on to discuss people’s opinions, how Ike felt about not going with Mercy, her seeing  one or two people he doesn’t want her to see, not seeing anyone as a threat to their relationship but he cannot be too sure, how Mercy is expensive and whoever the guy is will be spending an arm and a leg as well as how Mercy could have split her winnings 50/50 if she wanted to be nice. Would you split yours? Ike went on to tell his friend that he knows how hard she grinds to make more money as well as encouraging him to do the same. I believe we all need someone to push us beyond our limits.

 Ike spoke about an issue which concerns some of us, cultural differences. He mentioned that if he and Mercy were in the U.S, they would be living together, own businesses together etc. but the Nigerian mentality messes that up as well as family. 
I’m sure you all can’t wait to see what drama unfolds in the next episode of Mercy and Ike because I simply can’t. You better tune in every Sunday on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151 at 6:30 pm and watch out for the repeat on Mondays on Africa Magic Urban, DStv channel 153 at 9:30 pm.

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