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Five Celebrity Beefs We Would Love To See Settled ~Omonaijablog

The entertainment industry is fraught with fights or ‘beefs’ and it would make for a good showing to see them get squashed on this new show. These are some of the industry beefs that we'd like to see settled on Judging Matters.

1. MI versus Vector: MI and Vector are arguably the biggest ‘non-street’ rappers of their generation. For many years, their fans pit them against each other. And for a long time, the pair managed to limit the tension between them from spiraling into verbal attacks. But as much as they tried, the tension eventually evolved into ‘call-outs’ and ‘diss tapes’. In 2019, the tension hit a high with both rappers releasing diss tracks like Vector’s ‘The Purge’, and ‘Judas The Rat’; and MI’s ‘The Viper’. We wish they’d settle their issues and come together to release great music that will be unrivaled for generations to come.

2. Toyin Abraham vs Lizzy Anjorin: Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin’s fight was probably the messiest feud of the Nigerian entertainment industry in 2019. It started with Lizzy’s accusation that Toyin created fake accounts to troll her. It only came to a halt after a 500-million-naira lawsuit was issued and a request for an investigation by the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency had been made. The fight is on hold right now, but it is nowhere near finished.

3. Tonto Dikeh vs Churchill: If someone was handing out prizes for messy divorces, Tonto Dikeh and Churchill will get the award for the ‘Messiest Divorce Ever’. The estranged couple got married in 2015 and were divorced by 2017. However, since their divorce, they have continued to embarrass each other on social media by trading words and accusations. The fight came to a head with Churchill filing a 500-million-naira defamation suit over an interview his ex-wife granted.

4. Oyemykke vs Tunde Ednut: Oyemykke and Tunde Ednut have been at each other’s throats for years. Oyemykke has claimed that Tunde Ednut shares fake news about him, and he has hurled insults and bigger accusations at the singer and Instagram blogger. The beef does not look like it will be ending anytime soon, and they may need legal intervention.

5. Paul vs Peter Okoye: The twin brothers formerly known as P-Square first broke up in 2016, then made up in 2017. They released two songs before breaking up again. Their issues have ranged from uncooperation, disagreement on the powers of their manager and older brother, and threat to life. While it is disappointing that fans no longer get quality music from the group, it’s even more disturbing that their relationship as twin brothers has been destroyed. They need intervention as soon as possible to help fix the broken bond.

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