FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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Ladies, When Your Guy Displays Any Of These 5 Attributes, It Is Time To Say Goodbye ~Omonaijablog

Before I got married, I met a marriage counselor who told me so many new things. He also invited my wife to-be and requested for a private session with her. Some of the things he shared with my wife during their conversation are what I'm about to share with you.

My wife told me that he began by saying, “Good looks are not everything. A guy’s posture can be deceiving and your prince charming might be a green snake under a green grass.”

Then he said, “when your guy has any of these five attributes don’t go and be fasting and praying about them, it simply means it's time for you to say goodbye to such a relationship.”

Looks Down On You And Never Say Well-done:

He looks down on you, no matter what you put on or on how much you tried to impress him. He never sees you doing anything right and no matter what you do, he will never appreciate your efforts by saying well-done dear, please quit such a relationship before it is too late.

A Drunkard:

Although, some ladies drink as well but, not to the level of drinking to stupor and misbehave. So, ladies if you have such a guy who will drink and misbehave to the point of abusing you either physically or emotionally, then i think you should ask yourself if you can live with him. When you are dating a guy that drinks to stupor and thereafter misbehaves, even in public and your advice fails to work, my dear lady please say goodbye.

His Mother Calls The Shots:

Some mothers do run their husband’s house and still want to run their son’s. The truth is, some mothers tend to call the shots in their son’s life, and this may not go down well with the wife-to-be. My dear lady, if you noticed that your guy only takes directives from his mother, and don’t seem to act until his mama said so like a pet, don’t let any cleric tell you to keep praying about such a relationship, run before you are hooked. Failure to do so, you might have to wait for her mother to tell you when, where and how he will be making love with you, even with the frequency of such act.

An Unrepentant and Pathological Liar:

Most men may be liars. Some will prefer to call it cover-ups and not lies. But when i say pathological liar, i mean a guy that tells lies so much that when he makes ‘10 words’ sentence, 12 are all lies. Can you beat that? He says one to cover another without much ado. He lies to you, your friends and even his to-be in-law without apology or respect and does this all the time, and when confronted, his archives are full to the extent that he can pick a lie while sleeping, don’t wait further, run, my lady run.

A Womanizer:

This may be a little bit complicated. Because most times we make wrong assumption that men are naturally polygamous. But I tell you, any man that could not control his libido will end up shattering your heart. When a man doesn't have a taste, everything in a skirt is okay for him, my sister you have not seen a partner, walk away very fast.

Do you share the same opinion with my counselor? If you have a contrary view, kindly share so that singles can learn. Share your experience with us and also make your contributions. Follow me for more.

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