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Actors Guild Of Nigeria In Chaos Over Diversion Of Palliatives Meant For Members ~ Omonaijablog

Few days ago, Nollywood Actor and Producer, Foluke Daramola-Salako, took it upon herself to reach out to very old and fragile actors with packages she personally sourced from the Lagos State Government, added her own fund and went out locating vulnerable veteran actors in their various homes to offer them feeding palliatives as the dreaded coronavirus pandemic rages on.
It was an understatement to say her action received a all round applause from observers and colleagues in the industry. 

Probably, having been challenged by her actions, one of the umbrella bodies of the entertainment practitioners in Nigeria, the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, went all out in a 'rented' luxury bus on the streets of Surulere, Lagos to disburse their own palliative.

That action of thrashing charity that should have began at home with their poor and vulnerable members is now causing a rumble, an unrest and a brouhaha that may soon engulf the association.
Members of the Guild are accusing their President, Emeka Rollas Ejezie, of diverting the palliative that should have been shared among the members of the guild, most especially the up coming struggling ones, to the non-members, passersby and funningly those they tagged the 'Almajiris'. 

An aggrived member who preferred anonymity told me that, "Why can't a whole body like AGN not do what actress Foluke Daramola Salako did, or more, but would rather prefer to share their own palliatives with non members? This is very shameful because, when you ask questions tomorrow, they will claim to have empowered people who are not their members."
He said, "Why would our executives decided to go on the street of Surulere sharing palliatives that should have started with the members of the guild simply because AGN formation started in Surulere?"

The concerned member said,  "What of the armies of upcoming actors who are hungry? Misplaced priority is playing out here, if you ask me, because the primary aim of the Guild is welfare of members."
Truth be told, there are many poor, vulnerable and struggling male and female, old and young, actors scattered everywhere, who are not able to fend for themselves, most especially in Lagos and Ogun State, Nigeria. 

In fact, that is not to say that these sets of people are not in other states across the country but, because Lagos and Ogun States have been on lockdown for more than four weeks now. 
This set of people should be the first call because they need the assistance of their association more at this period of time.

These agrrived members also alleged that, Emeka Rollas Ejezie, gave each State Chairmen of AGN one hundred thousand naira (#100,000) each as a 'shut-up' palliative in other to embark freely on a jamboree move of given food items to people who are not members, while leaving their own who are not working and are in abject poverty.
The palliative sharing team that has actors, Segun Arinze, Zach orji, Desmond Elliot and some other members of the association, we're seen sharing various food items in Surulere to obviously non-members of the association, a move that is now causing rancour among the members of the association.

Follow me on this platform as I attempt to get the reaction of the AGN president, Emeka Rollas.

Kindly share and drop your comments. 

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  1. The sharing of palliative would always be a problem in Nigeria

  2. The government has failed in managing this pandemic. Mismanagement and embezzlement has become rife.