FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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Actor Emeka Ike To Critics: “Don’t Be Sentimental, If You Caught Me Smoking Weed, Take Pictures And... ” ~Omonaijablog

Popular Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, needs no introduction when talking about movie production in nigeria. He has paid his dues and fit to be called a veteran. The dark and handsome actor and businessman during a chat said he will not be part of what some of his colleagues are doing, that is, paying critics to write good things about them all in the name of being called a star.

Emeka Ike said, “I am one of those actors that tell Journalists don't patronize me, if I like you I would give you something as a friend. Not for you to write me up as a hunk. You catch me smoking weed, take pictures, put it on air. Don’t go around building sentiments and you tell me there’s one hunk just in from UK and you begin to build me beyond what i am. And i cannot achieve the success that i should achieve. Because people would think i am larger than life and those who wish to help me can’t help me.”

Emeka Ike who also reacts to a question posed on him about the current state of Nollywood in Nigeria said, “We need to work for a new Nollywood because what we have now is already messed up. We have a lot of things going on, and we can’t even have control over it. Everybody is now a producer, everybody is an actress. A few girls who have done only two movies would come to you, people in the media house, and you begin to brand them and are being called actresses and I search for them in the movies and i don't even see them and I ask who are all these people? And they would be like we are stars. And I ask the Journalists, do you know who a star is? Who’s a star? A girl has done just one or two movies and you pay a Journalist to package her. That’s what is going on in Nollywood.”

The controversial actor also added that, “ Back in the days, there was a serious sense of scripting. But now, you see two or three people shoot anything and they say we are doing Nollywood. We have to premiere because we use the right camera. What is the storyline? The stories that only emeka ike would stand and sell in those days. These days, 50 or 30 actors are together to sell only fifteen thousand copies, and you call that nollywood? So, Nollywood is not appreciating, it is depreciating.” He said.

What do you think of actor Emeka Ike’s outburst? Saying the whole truth, nothing but the truth or another means of being heard?

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