FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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"Yung Kashy, Cool1, Other Artistes Under AMG Primed For Greatness" - CEO Aboki Money Gang

CEO of one of the leading music labels in Nigeria, Aboki Money Gang, AMG Music, Don Majjak Dawa Sule, has said the discouragement he got when he relocated to Lagos from the northern part of Nigeria propelled him to become who he is today. 

Don Majjak Dawa Sule who hailed from Maiduguri, the capital of Bornu State, through thick and thing as he described his sojourn when he arrived Lagos is now a big business tycoon and the CEO of one of the biggest shipping company in Tican, Apapa, Lagos Port.

During a chat with me today, Don Majjak Dawa Sule, who has signed numerous artistes under his record label said,  "I was a very good Music Producer and singer way back in the North before relocating to Lagos. I ventured into other businesses I'm into now because I didn’t get the encouragement needed then to execute my entertainment career so, I decided to open a record label, discover young and talented artist out there  and invest in them."

The young millionaire who has since signed young and versatile artistes like, Yung Kashy, Cool1 and many others said, "Due to the strong passion I have for entertainment I decided that I was not going to leave it for any other thing because, entertainment gave birth to every other businesses I am doing today."

The young philanthropist who has helped and impacted lot of lives also mention that the management of the record label have been working so relentlessly to push her artistes to an enviable height and that very soon, there will be a dope collaborations from one of his talents, YungKashy.

YungKashy according to Don Majjak Dawa Sule, have been working day and night with superstar producer and musician Blaq Jerzee to perfect his music release.

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