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"Without Fasting And Prayer, Covid-19 Won’t Go Anytime Soon" – Primate Ayodele

The leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has once again revealed that total lockdown isn’t the solution to the spread of Covid-19 in Nigeria.
He stated that one of the things he is sure of as the solution to the spread of the virus is fasting and prayer.

He made it known that every government have gotten it wrong, stating that all world powers have failed to turn to God for the end of this virus and it is why the virus will continue to spead.

As the president will be addressing the nation tomorrow, he categorically mentioned that President Muhammadu Buhari shouldn’t extend the total lockdown but should make it a curfew, in order to allow movements with restrictions of gatherings and assemblies, and also a compulsory use of facemask for everyone. He revealed that this should be done because there is hunger in the land, the palliative measures of the government isn’t getting to the masses, there is mass corruption in the funds donated, hence, there is need for the masses to get to work in order to survive this season.

‘’The FG is a man  of honour that understand the pain of people, the palliative measure isn’t working, there is corruption in the fund raising, the money isn’t getting to the masses.

The president must do things which include relaxing the lockdown and make it curfew, let there be easy movement with restrictions so that the economy will not collapse to avoid deaths, robbery, hunger, they should use the money to do glass mask, ventilators, create more isolation centres. Let them open churches and mosque, and make restrictions, I am not after offering and tithes, the people need to call on God.

Corona virus isn’t over, I still see death, it will still spread to other states, it will get to more than 10,000 people, the government should curtail it now because it is not going any time soon.’’

‘Fasting and prayer is the solution, they have shut down the heavenly manifestation of God, they will get the vaccine but if God isn’t involved, it will take time, Trump, Boris Johnson, other government have missed it, God knows about it and until we turn back and return to him, nothing will happen.’’

‘’We have to be careful about the decision of Mr President, either we lockdown or not, it will not stop the spread, the government must not run to jeopardy, they should not treat those they are ruling as animals, if the government extend it, it is not going to be the same Nigeria again, police are not spirit, they are human being.’’

He also revealed that he sees the world health organization being sanctioned for slight corruption, and this will cause serious issue especially for America
‘WHO has gotten it wrong, they are not bringing in the presence of God and failure to do this will not help because there will be corruption in the fund raising even in the international level.

The issues between WHO and America should be taken serious, WHO Will still be sanctioned because of Corruption, they will want to use it to gang up against America, to battle Donald Trump’’
Also, he adviced the federal government to pump money into agriculture immediately so as to ensure that hunger reduce in the country.

Primate Elijah Ayodele maintained that Corona Virus is here to say and as time goes on, just like there is yellow card in Africa for malaria, there will also be a certificate to show that citizens are not infected by Malaria.

Furthermore, he adviced the First Lady, Aisha Buhari to be watchful and that President Buhari should listen to her because she will be very instrumental in ensuring that his government becomes stable.

It would be recalled that he earlier stated that President Buhari’s best choice of a chief of staff would be a northerner, a general and a dedicated person.

Similarly, Primate Elijah Ayodele has also blasted pastors who says the virus can affect Christians despite the fact that they are seen as miracle pastors. He maintained that it can never affect him or his members.

"Pastors who say it can affect Christians should know how to talk to God, it can never affect me and my members. We have pastors selling water and anointing oil, why don’t they provide it for free and let us pray with it.

Someone did chloroquine and boasted about it that it will cure malaria, someone created panadol extra for vaccine against headache, why can’t they pray on their water and give it out as a vaccine too against Covid-19.’’

It is worthy of being noted that Primate Elijah Ayodele since Corona Virus began has fed thousands of people, given cash to people and has also made efforts to cleanse Lagos of the deadly virus through prayers.

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