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FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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When Is The Ripe Age For Marriage? Selected Celebs React ~ Omonaijablog

Debates over the ripe age for marriage can't be exhausted in hours because, there is no one who married either at young or old age that won't have an excuse to back up his/her actions.
Nevertheless, society do focus on celebrities when they attain certain ages and are not yet married becuase, they are in the eyes of the public but, this should not be the case because even those who are not celebs are also affected.

But, becuase celebrities are mostly the targets when this question is being asked, i  therefore decided to seek and collate the opinions of some of them as regards the ripe age to get married...

Bob Manuel Udokwu, actor
"When the individual feels matured enough, emotionally, physically and mentally irrespective of the age, they can go ahead."

Antar Laniyan, producer
"I see 30 as a ripe age and 35 years as a more matured age for guys. for ladies, they should try and stay with mummy till they are 28 years. she should be matured then."

Doris Simeon, actress
"For a lady 20 upwards but for a guy becuase they will want to make money, 25 upwards is ideal."

Emeka Enyiocha, actor
"Anytime a man gets the right lady. the same applies to the lady, though everything lies in the state of the mind."

Daniel Ademinokan, producer
"I can't put any age to it. maturity is of the mind. the guy must be matured finacially too."

These guys have shared their opinions, what says you? whten is the ripe age for marriage? Someone reading this might learn from your thoughts. Please drop your comments.

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