FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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Great Movies To Rent Now On DStv BoxOffice ~ Omonaijablog

Hey there! Maybe you are aware, maybe you are not but we will tell you. So DStv has a platform where you can rent recently released movies for just N400 There is an array of movies which are updated every week.
Let’s take you through what we have for action and kiddies’ movies:

The Poison Rose, inspired by a classic film, a former football player-turned-private investigator is hired to investigate what appears to be a routine missing-persons case. It leads him to a plot that seemingly pins a murder on his long-lost daughter. Disturbing the Peace, Guy Pearce will stop at nothing to keep the peace in this action movie. A small-town marshal who hung up his gun after a tragic shooting must pick it up again to defend his town against a sinister biker gang who are planning a heist. Midway, is an all-star cast which tells the incredible, historic WWII story of the Battle of Midway, through the eyes of the leaders and the sailors who fought it. The Lighthouse, two lighthouse keepers try to maintain their sanity living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 18902.

The Adventures of A.R.I My Robot Friend, a teenager summons the courage to help a friendly robot known as A.R.I. kidnapped by a ruthless lab director working for a powerful corporation seeking to turn him into a dangerous weapon in order to rule the world.

 Elcano & Magellan: The First Voyage Around the World, a wonder-filled animation tells the story of one of the most incredible adventures ever happened on a first trip around the world.

Mosley, a species of creatures known as “Thoriphants” rebel against their life of servitude and embark on a treacherous journey to find the fabled city of Uprights.

Swift, a charming, inspiring animation with an all-star cast. A swift named Manou is raise by seagulls and believes he is one, but things begin to change when it’s time for them to migrate and he is forced to discover who he really is.

Visit to discover how to effortlessly rent the hottest movies at home or on the move, for enhanced viewing pleasure. BoxOffice on the PVR is available to DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact customers.

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