FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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PA Kasumu's Death: We All Saw It Coming But 'Joked' About It

I could remember in December 2019, a friend had asked me why was it our prophets and self professed deliverance pastors could not do anything about Pa Kasumu's illness when he voluntarily gave a clue that his "sickness was mostly spiritual"?
Then I told him jokingly that I'm not a publicist to any Pastor nor the veteran actor himself so, I won't be able to answer his question correctly. And the discussion ended there.

And now, less than three months down the line, he was no more! Death has taken him away from us.

But the last time I saw the late Veteran actor who was mostly known for his tobacco pipe smoking, I could not control my emotions. I wept.
It was in December at the Para Award ceremony for aged and veteran Nollywood stars. His situation almost turned the supposed event to a funeral-like. He was being assisted by two able-bodied adults to do almost everything.

I saw him whispering to those men to take him to a convenience room. They held him high up in the shoulder, making a step per five seconds move to wee.

He could not stand, walk, eat or perform any activity all by himself. PA Kasumu, our once bubbling, tobacco pipe snuffing, baritone voice Nollywood actor was a shadow of himself. 

Kayode Odumosu aka PA Kasumu, we all believed had been battling with acute stroke until he said, it's more of spiritual ailment, could not get any spiritual cleansing or deliverance despite the daily per minute 'advertisement' of our so called 'men of God' that have saturated the media space.

He had surrendered to death after a gallant battle he fought all by himself. A brave man without much support, he finally conquered in death! 

The last time I saw him, I wept because of a man who was still alive but could not enjoy the benefits of being alive again. His colleagues, mostly among the Yoruba Nollywood sector were all doing their best to raise whatever they could for him, and even openly soliciting for assistants for him but, he was able to identified the cause of his sickness but, we all 'joked' about it until death eventually took one of the finest veteran actors we have around us away! 

All we could say now are condolences but, we could have done much more while he was still alive. 

Rest on Pa Kasumu! 

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