FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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Margaret, First To Be Hymnevicted From Hymnstitute In Hymnodia Season 2

The contest was keen. The voices angelic. But someone had to go. 
The tears of hymnviction. The joy of survival. The emotional audience. The twist that has come to stay with the first reality television show created around worship and hymns, HYMNODIA. 

Put on probation after the first performance show of Hymnodia Season 2, tagged "Trials in faith and courage", for possible hymnviction were six  Hymntestants from 2 groups. The all male group of Json, Enenche and Echezona. And group D, comprising,  Elizabeth, Jessica and Margaret. 
Recalling what Mr Kufre Ekanem, the executive producer  said immediately after the performance show "it was a tough call for the judges. And we look forward to what the public will say through their votes on who stays or leaves the Hymnstitute". It was clear that the judges had finished their jobs on this. It was in the public hands to vote their favourite Hymntestants to stay.

According to Uwem Umoh the Media Officer of Hymnodia, five hymntestants were save but hymntestant number 14, Margaret had the least votes from the public. She became the first hymntestant to be hymnvicted from the hymnstitute in Hymnodia Season 2.

Margaret, after her emotional moments said "so far so good, the hymnstitute has been like a home to me. I've met so many good people".

And if I may quote Mr Ben Ogbeini, Dean of the hymnstitute "the fear of hymnviction is the beginning of hymnwisdom".

As Hymnodia season 2 is slated for 14 stanzas (as weeks are called in the hymnstitute), the hymnviction exercise will continue till the last hymntestant wins the ASAPH, a brand new car and 5million Naira. Who will that be? Who gets hymnvicted. Save your favourite hymntestants to stay in the hymnstitute.
Visist and follow the prompt.
Hymnodia, a wholesome reality show which is fast gathering fans, viewers across various strata and sections of the country. 

Hymnodia ...the art of worship.
Margaret: Hymnvicted

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