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Jutta Renz Founder Of Miss Muffins Series Germany Brings succor To Communities In Africa-  Complete water projects in Ghana and Nigeria

Guinness book of record holder, Jutta Renz who is also  the founder of muffin series in Germany has completed water Projects for communities in Ghana and Nigeria.

This according to her  is part of the commitment and vision of Jutta Renz to ensure that portable water is provided for all and sundry across the globe.

This committed Samaritan has invested thousand of dollars for the provision of Good water to some communities, which will serve as the taking up point for more projects to come to Africa.

A community in Acrra Ghana and inikorocha community in south-west Delta State has benefitted in the humanity gesture.
This laudable projects by Jutta Renz also received boost and support from her biological parents, Margot and Bernard Renz   said to be philanthropical gesture from the Renz family from Germany, to Africans.
The Pioneer project was coordinated by Renowned popular man of God and accurate seer, Bishop Asari Ossei Tutu of Miracle Gate international church Accra Ghana

In one of the letter of appreciation from Grace and favour ministry inco word base Assembly, inikoroghan, Delta State,  one of the beneficiaries, thanked  Jutta Renz and her parents for the provision of water to the church and the communities.
They remarked that, her philanthropical gesture will put smile on the faces of people of the community, saying that they have been living on water from the stream which in many occasion are conterminated, but with this provision, an history has been make and the people that made that history possible is the Renz family from Germany

They also thanked Bishop Asari Ossei Tutu for coming bro there aids, saying without his visits to the community and knows their problems such gesture cannot come, 
The communities however prayed for the Renz family Particularly Jutta Renz for her immediate response to their problems.

This is just the first phase of such project in Africa, as the Jutta Renz led Miss Muffins series Germany are set to bring more humanity life changing project to Africa in this year concluded Bishop Asari Ossei Tutu,,G.O Miracle Gate International Accra Ghana

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