FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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"He Is Too Old For Me" - See The Doctor Comedienne Princess Should Have Married Before Her ill-fated Marriage

In early 2011, about nine years ago, comedienne cum actress, Princess Oluwadamilola Adekoya popularly known as Princess, had a chance to marry a cool-headed Nollywood actor, but ego worked against her. 
Already under pressure by her family to get married as at that time, because of her age and status, princess described actor Dr. Eniola Olaniyan who was in hid early 40's then as being 'too old for her'. 

"Eniola is too old for me to date. He is a married man with grown up kids" was her response when asked about a savouring romance that allegedly existed between them then. 
Although, Eniola is a married man but, he is a practicing Muslim and is eligible to marry more than one wife. The two were always together then, attending events, parties and occasions in company of one another playing Romeo and Juliet all around the country but, he never gave this man a chance until he met a movie producer, Adeshola Jeremiah, in 2013.

"They could have been happy together if she had given him a chance. But you know all these celebrities." This was what a source told me.
When Princess eventually met Adeshola, they dated for few months and because, Adeshola appeared gentle, responsible, seriously in love and ready as at that time, coupled with the pressure on Princess, they got married.

Classical wedding, full of celebrities. In fact, the wife of the former Governor of Lagos State and now Minister for Works and Housing, Mrs. Dame Abimbola Fashola, was the mother of the day.

But ironically, after just 2 months of living together as husband and wife, the marriage crashed following what the couple described as "irreconcilable" differences.

And since 2013, almost 7 years now, Princess has remained unmarried. Although, she had changed her tomboy nature, trying short gowns, cut her hair and go on a low cut. She had also decided to make herself more visible on social media but, she's still searching for her Mr. Right. 

Lest I forgot, someone hinted me that Dr. Eniola Olaniyan might not have totally shut his door against Princess but that is subject to her willingness and this time around I hope she will get it rightly.

Eniola Olaniyan is now a PhD holder in Meteorology and Climate Science. He bagged his doctorate degree from the Federal University of Technology Akure.

Then,  I want to ask, do you think princess should have married actor Eniola Olaniyan when they were allegedly in romance that time? 

Do you think she should give it a second thought and possibly chance now?

Let's read your views...

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  1. Why are we writing stories with sentiments like this now. Be objective, guy. You want her to marry an already married man.