FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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Blossom Care Foundation: Giving Hope, Succour To The Hopeless And Needy

Her passion and love for humanity is extra ordinaire. 

Like most of her peers who will feel unconcerned about their environments and the well being of the underprivileged around them, this quintessential being believes the welfare of her neighbor who is incapacitated financially, morally, psychologically, mentally and socially is of great importance to her.
She believes going extra mile in impacting the lives of the needy is germane and her utmost responsibility.

Regardless of religion, Creed, ethnicity, beliefs, ethics, norms and values, she believes touching lives and giving Succour to the underprivileged is her major responsibility.

Having left the shores of Nigeria to the United Kingdom after her retirement from active service as a Senior Nursing Sister at the Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, in November 2001, she worked as a Mental Health Liaison Practitioner and a Clinical Nurse Assessor, Care Coordinator for NHS.
Titi Adesina(JP), popularly called Lady Blossom is the Director of Mecs Blossom limited, makers of Blossom Chemicals, Blossom Foods
Blossom Cleaning Services.

The effervescent entrepreneur is also the Sole Distributor of Bino foods for Southwest Nigeria, makers of Bino Mayonnaise, Ketchup and Cornflakes. 

Bringing her wealth of experience in Neuropsychiatry, and her passion for impacting lives and giving hope for the hopeless, Lady Blossom brought her conceptualize idea and age long dream of owning a Charity Organization into reality.

She berthed the Blossom Care Hands International in 2016, a charity organization that provides for the needy, Succour for the hopeless and Cares for the Mentally Ill and Less Privileged in United Kingdom and Nigeria
Since 2016 that the Charity Organization came on board, it has impacted thousands of lives in Nigeria and United Kingdom, through empowerment programmes, health programmes, donations (Financially and Material wise), scholarships, Grants to mention a few.

Taking a cursory look at happenings in relationship, Courtship and  marriages, coupled with her flair for writing inspired her to Author a book called, 'Mothers Awake',  a book dedicated to all single parents, parents, women, men, single and married couples.

In March 2019, Lady Blossom retired from NHS England, to focus on her business and Charity Organization.

No doubt, Lady Blossom is a pearl of our time,  with her selfless impact in the lives of the needy and hopeless.

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