FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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Amb. Buzopat, Agbalanze Kenneth Ifekudu Sets New Standard In Grassroots Education

Yesterday March 5th 2020 at Mercillina Udoji hall Eziora became a date Ozubulu town and its environs will not forget in a hurry.
 It was the awaited day for the 1ST OZUBULU YOUTH ESSAY COMPETITION AND AWARD CEREMONY. Schools in the community took part  in both the written and oral defence.

Catholic Girls Secondary School,  St. Micheals Secondary School,  Archdeacon Memorial School,  St. Jude Comprehensive, Peculiar Group of Schools, Basic School,  Mount Olive, Community Secondary School,  , Zixton Secondary School and Recdot Secondary School. 
The hall was filled to the brim, parents gathered to know if it was true, even teachers that organised students and the school authorities didn't even believe that the event is real, to them they have seen people come in and out of their schools with one fake project and the other.

Thanks to God, Ambassador Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick( Buzopat) and Agbalanze Kenneth Ifekudu (Mr Talk and Do) have rewritten history in Ozubulu.  It was a superb display of integrity,  the students were ready, they have been groomed differently and they adapted powerfully.  
The special moment was when the students from every school did their public speaking to show the world that indeed they have written about the dangers of drug addiction and they have learnt through the critical research to shun it with all their might. 

The hall went wild with the wisdom coming out of their mouths, indeed Agbalanze Kenneth Ifekudu who sponsored this project and Amb. Buzopat #Adadioramma who organised it were really proud of the job they did.

Owelle Onyeka Mbaso, Senior Special Adviser to Anambra State Governor on Political Matters was on ground , the O.D.U Calabar State Chairman Amb. Fabian Mbaso didn't miss it as well. The Mother General, Mary Regis from the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady Of Fatima Block Rosary Nigeria, Imo State came with her people,  Mr. Ibekwe who represented the P.G Amb. Peter Uzokwe who took this event to heart was  present, The O.D.U women wing came out en masse, Authority FM team lead by Mr Uzoma were not missing in action,  they all added their voices of correction to the students to practice what they have learnt. 
To make the movie already going on a classical one, music artists from Lagos came all the way and it was marvellously marvellous,  Zucee Zagam was too much, he broke protocols as always, Black child killed his performance and it was as if he shouldn't stop at all, A line was wow with massive energy  and the fantastic motivational comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria MC Pato took the event to another level,  oh my Gush! The students and parents had fun.

The magic  moment came when the reality dawned on the doubters that what the organisers said they are doing was indeed what they did. 

The winners were called , Archdeacon Memorial Secondary School, Uzokwe Adaeze Gloria came 1st with 150,000,  Ani Chidera Miracle came came 2nd with 125,000 from the same Archdeacon Memorial and Orjiakor Obioma from Sancta Maria Secondary School came 3rd with 100,000. 

people went wide, it has never happened before,  they couldn't believe it, wonders shall never cease, it was really a blessing time for everyone as the schools that produced winners received their 50,000 each straight and all the participating schools got their 20,000 each, there were enough food already packed with drinks and water flowing for everyone.

According to Ambassador Buzopat, "we have enough and made our consolation prizes to extend to 20 students, we truly wanted every one to feel the change impact."

Brochures, excersize books, novels were given to students. Amb. Buzopat 's book treasures money can not buy went round the hall, her movie Silent rebel were given out to people.

In fact, 1st Ozubulu Youth Essay Competition and Award, was a testament and a true definition of whoever wants to be good, be good for Gods sake not for accolades of men. 

The event came to an end with students and parents begging for 2nd edition to start immediately.

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