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Oniru Elect Prince Hakeem Ajasa, Calls For Peace In Iru land, Wishes Nigerians Prosperous 2020

The 1st of January 2020, marks the start of another decade, and it is very significant  for the Nigerians,Lagosians and my esteemed people of Iruland. Like President Buhari has rightly said, it is our decade.
For the people of Iru Kingdom of Lagos,having put a stop to historical distortions,it will be the grand beginning to self discovery, fresh possibilities and path to continued prosperity and peaceful co-existence in the Kingdom.

I believe the next  Ruling House performed all the necessary rites to arrive here and I will implore all concerned authorities, to heed to the call of the people, their customs  and traditional which is ours essence and  supercedes all political machination.

 In anticipation for justice,i call for peace in  Iruland, Lagos and Nigeria.2020 is the years for us to move on bury our hatchet, and work for the continued development and prosperity for our people.

May divine guidance and protection in good health be ours all through for a peaceful, prosperous and blessed new year.

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