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Amb. Buzopat, Agbalanze Kenneth Ifekudu Takes Education To Grassroots

Amb.Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick needs no introduction when it comes to youth empowerment of any kind and being the voice of the less privileged,  in Lagos State alone, more than 485 secondary schools have written her essays since 2010 which has covered different local governments in Lagos.

Buzopat is a wonder woman who has been changing destinies positively and effortlessly year in , year out.

This time around Agbalanze Onyekachukwu Kenneth Ifekudu,  the most Influential personality of the year 2019, an amiable young man who loves his people and wants to do all within his reach to see positive changes in them. He is hardworking and wants to lead with good examples. 

No wonder he is doing the 1st Ozubulu Youth Essay with Amb Buzopat,  like mind attracts like mind. They exhibit same passion,  same zeal, same motivation and same pull to see reading culture return amongst their youths , Education is the best gift anyone can give the youths in the world over. Youths of today needs to be prepared physically, intellectually, psychologically, emotionally, constructively and be shown knowledgeable route to follow. 

Amb Buzopat and Agbalanze Kenneth in this think home mission are rewarding the winners N150,000, N125,000 and N100, 000 respectively with lots of consolation prices to follow. 

This Youth essay is starting first week of January as this flier indicates and the topic is so apt because drug is a very disturbing and dangerous epidemic wiping our children these days, another beautiful thing about this initiative is that it is for both public and private schools and it's free for every one. It is also a blessing to know that students who are going to participate in the written essay will have the opportunity to really defend the essay they wrote   bravo!!! And it's a thing of joy to know that the money belongs to the winners directly as a carrot stick formula while schools that produces the winners will take N50,000 each, other participating schools will go with N20,000 each.

OZUBULU YOUTHS ARE YOU READY!!!!!!   This is a noble opportunity not worth missing.  Omonaija will  be bringing you details upon details until 5Th March 2020 that is the final award ceremony at Mercellina Udoji hall by 10, it is going  to  be an all inclusive ceremony,  I can't wait for it.

Kudos again to our indomitable Buzopat and Agbalanze Onyekachukwu.


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