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10 Lucky Movie Makers To Emerge From UK Aids 'Film In Edo' Competition - By Gbenga Shaba

A project aimed at stimulating the development and sustainance of quality film production within Edo state has debuted.

In lieu of this, a huge website called "Film In Edo" has been created for everyone wanting to come to Edo State to film and produce whatever contents.
Heralding this, a pitch, win and shoot competition has also been initiated  and loads of filmmakers, both young and old has submitted their contents where 10 lucky winners will be selected in a very transparent process that was put in place.
Moving from one stage to another, ten lucky winners who eventually made the final cut will be given a marching fund to produced feature films. The winners will be handed their winning money on Wednesday December 18, 2019.

Film in Edo is a project initiated by Market Development in Niger/Delta, a UK Aids and Edo State government with partnership from Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen's Benin Film Academy.

It also has supports from Mr Peddle Okao's Polens movies with support from Mr Davidson Izegagbe, State Representative of the Directors Guild of NIGERIA,  (DGN). 

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