FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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2019/2020: All The New And Past Prophecies of Primate Ayodele That Are Coming To Pass

*NURTW will break… *Ekiti gov will survive motor accident… *I see death of Top Islamic and Christian Clerics… *North will disappoint Tinubu in 2023… *Trump won’t get 2nd term… *I see death of a TV broadcaster and top publisher… *Buhari will change service chiefs…  

Servant of God and spiritual leader at INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele in this interview conducted on Friday, September 27, 2019 revealed new divine messages for the year end and year 2020. The famous cleric who is noted for accurate prophecies spoke to GLOBAL EXCELLENCE on myriads of challenges facing nations in the world while he suggests prayer and seeking divine solutions in solving them.


Let us pray against the death of a prominent Islamic scholar and a prominent pastor. Let us pray against religious crisis in Nigeria. I see churches being attacked by Muslims and mosques being attacked by Christians. I see the Kaduna crisis coming up again unless the state government works seriously on it. Government must identify and address the crisis between Tivs and Jukuns, otherwise the killing will escalate. The problem between these two tribes is political, ethnic and religious. So, it must be addressed accordingly.

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson may not finish his first term because they would not want him to. I see that Russia is attacked. Ukraine and America will have issues. I see massive protests against the policies of Boris Johnson and American president, Donald Trump. Trump’s second term is uncertain. There will be an attempt to impeach Trump but I see him surviving the plot. I see a serious candidate from the Democrat unseating him in the 2020 election. We had warned before that the suspension of the parliament by Boris Johnson would not succeed, and it has happened. Still, most of the things he will be doing, they will not succeed. I see an attempt to force him to resign. I see a gang-up against his party and attempt to disallow him to finish his term and another person taking over.  Brexit may collapse the British economy. I see their currency growing weak. Trump is not going to change America for the best and this will affect the country. Let America pray not to lose a onetime senator and a singer. I had said it that four presidents would be removed from office, three have been removed. The fourth president is going to be removed. That is the Lord’s saying.

In the Tunisian presidential election, I see Seidi defeating Al-Naibi. In Ugandan presidential election, I see the incumbent president retaining his seat. In Conakry, there will be protest against the President and the opposition will not support the proposed constitution amendments. I see killing and anarchy in Conakry. Venezuelan president will fight the US attempt to remove him. Russian alone can remove Syrian president not America. I see shootings in America. I see terrorists using a new method to penetrate the American security. UN will face challenges and the US may not finance them as expected.

There will be domestic violence and killings in US, UK, Germany, France and Spain. I see problems in NATO and change in leaderships.

Customs will run into crisis and they will be attacked. President Buhari will be compelled to open the borders. The West African common currency will be released in 2021. Governor Fintiri of Adamawa will win reelection. Dino Melaye must not sleep over the appeal on his senatorial seat. Let us pray against refinery explosion. I see APC governorship forum working with the Senate and House of Representatives and I see the APC governorship forum giving Buhari support. Nigeria’s 2020 budget will not boost the economy. Tinubu should pray for good health.

There will be violence in the following states; Jigawa, Jos, Zamfara, Adamawa, Kaduna, Benue, Kogi, Bayelsa, Oyo, Enugu, Katsina, Cross River, Rivers and Ogun. There will be major attacks in five states; Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, Borno, Kaduna. Obi of Onitsha, Ataoja of Oshogbo, Emir of Igala, Katsina Emir, Emir of Adamawa and Auchi monarch should pray for protection. Oba of Benin should pray not to be bereaved. National Assembly will work with the president. Government needs to avert NLC strike.

I see problems at the APC and PDP top levels. I see a deputy governor and two deputy speakers removed. The cabals will hold Buhari government to ransom and they will decide many things. I see problems in NPA and the Police Service Commission. I see two Secretaries to State Governments, SSGs removed from office.

The xenophobia crisis in South Africa is not over. It will happen again. So, Nigerian and South African governments must address it holistically. I see troubles in Haiti that the world would call for ceasefire. The crisis will cause issues for the Haitian president but I see them coming up with a lasting solution.

I do not see Nigerian oil serving the country in the next 20-25 years. Femi Otedola will have issues in his reinvestment plans. He will face some scandals in his business. Also, Obat Oil should be careful so that his business does not suffer setbacks.

There will be rumours against the governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, in order to weaken his second term plans. Let’s pray for God’s protection on all our First Ladies. Let’s pray against building collapse, ocean surge that could cause ship wreck.

I see changes in the immigration and prison management. I see Customs facing problems, with the Ministry of Finance. I see FRSC facing challenges. I see a change at the Federal Inland Revenue Service, (FIRS), top levels and I see petitions being written against the present leadership of FIRS. I see Naira losing more value against the Dollars and Pound Sterling. The CBN would make an attempt to inject more money into the system to stop the devaluation of the Naira but it will not work. Also, CBN will be on the neck of some banks and it may cause them to merge.

I see that the road transport union, NURTW is broken into groups and factions. Let’s pray not to have troubles in the Juju and Fuji music industry. Let’s pray for a Hip-Hop artiste, Juju musicians and Fuji musicians so that we do not lose any of them. I see serious divisions in the Fuji music industry and there will be serious fight. In the north, let’s pray not to lose any actor. PMAN will have serious setbacks. The present PMAN under the leadership of Amina Dangaji will have multiple challenges. There will be a gang-up against her leadership. They will fight her and block her projects to manifest. She must consult widely in order to stabilize. Let her pray very well so as not to be derailed and get tired of the job.

Let us pray not to lose any television broadcaster,  a radio presenter and a newspaper publisher. I see the Lagos State governor, Sanwo-Olu, starting major projects in the state but some powerful people will not like it. These projects would make Lagos work but he will face challenges on them. Let us pray not to lose a Local Government chairman in Lagos State. I see some local government chairmen facing serious challenges concerning continuation in office. I see chairmen of these local governments facing major challenges; Surulere, Ota Awori, Badagry, Olorunda, Somolu, Ikorodu and Eti-Osa. They need to strategize well. I see a Muslim becoming the next governor of Lagos State. Oyo State governor, Seyi Makinde is taking good steps but he will encounter challenges. I see him offending some people he does not want to offend within his party because he would try and put some things right in governance. I see Ondo State governor, Akeredolu, coming back for a second term, except the opposition PDP fields a very strong candidate. He should work very hard in order to return to office because there are plots to ditch him by his party stakeholders.

I see some Nigerian senators being removed from office. Also, some House of Representatives members will be removed from office. I also see some state assembly members and speaker being removed.

I see crisis in the Nigerian aviation system because of climatic issues. The climatic challenges will cause the Nigerian government a lot, and Africa as a whole. Some Nigerian airlines will have major challenges and setbacks. I see Air Peace facing some challenges that will make it to borrow. Medview Airlines will stop operations in some areas. Dana Airlines will extend its flight routes but there will be little challenges. Ethiopian Airlines will have issues, and British Airways may suspend operations. KLM will face litigation. I see the Nigerian National Carrier coming up but it will take time to materialize.

I see some insurance companies facing challenges and they will be shut down. I do not see state police being established. It will not come up because the country will not be able to manage it properly. I see the police force having issues among the rank and file. I see indictment in the Army. The service chiefs and Army commanders must be careful so that they are not rubbished on issues of arms and ammunition. I see corruption in the military. I see soldiers in countries where Boko Haram are based having serious challenges because of outdated fighting weapons. Book Haram will kill some soldiers that will pain the nation.

I see the Lagos State medical team going on strike. I see renovation of hospitals and federal doctors will go on strike. ASUU will fight the government. Let’s pray against fire outbreak at any of the media houses. I see management of some media houses being changed and I see some changing their logos. Labour and the government will fight over the minimum wage issue and the minimum wage issue will not be fulfilled as expected. Let’s pray not to lose any Oba in the Southwest, like Ondo State, Ogun State and Ekiti State. Let’s pray so that any Oba is not dethroned. Let’s pray against natural disasters in Nigeria.

Let’s pray against high fever, cholera and meningitis. Let’s pray that there are no attacks in Abuja and Port Harcourt cities. Lagos will detect terrorists planning to infiltrate the state. Let’s pray against Yoruba and Hausa fight. Let’s pray against fire outbreak at markets. Government will use taxation wrongly because I see every state government depending on tax and this will cause more pains to the people.

I don’t see government being able to reduce unemployment. I see fake employment scheme everywhere. Let us pray for President Buhari’s good health and I see issues coming out from Aso Rock. Let President Buhari pray not to lose more of his aides. He should be very prayerful about that.

I see Nigeria’s agricultural project being rocked by frauds. I see government supporting farmers and I see states being independent in food production. In the next 10 years, I see Lagos State independently producing rice and self-sufficient in cattle rearing and chicken rearing. Also, most of the states in the Southwest would be self-reliant in food production. Governor Dapo Abiodun will perform well in Ogun State but some forces would try to weaken his government. He will work but the forces would instigate the people to make noise against his government. He should be prayerful because these forces would work against his second term. Let’s pray against train mishap in Lagos where several people would be injured and even killed. Let’s pray against plane taxing out of the runway. Let’s pray against tanker explosion that could waste lives. I see the Fulani herdsmen matter and kidnapping taking a dangerous dimension. Nigeria has not yet escaped terrorism attacks. I see a major terror attack that would shock the military. Nigeria needs a lot of prayers for her security. I see insecurity and bloodshed becoming the order of the day. I see that this insecurity matter would work against APC in the next elections. I see dens of kidnappers being exposed by the security agents but the kidnappers will come up with new strategies.

I see Keystone Bank facing management crises. In the education sector, I see JAMB having challenges, likewise WAEC. I see the Nigeria Customs incurring debts and I see the Customs intercepting truckload of weapons.  Let’s pray against fire attack at the Tin Can Island. I see Nigerian airport under threats. I see the airport being shutting down for renovation. Some Nigerian governors would face very challenging times and they would fight themselves. I see a gang-up against Adamawa State governor. He should be watchful. I see new cult groups like the Badoo coming up in the Southwest.

I see a lot of problems still facing Saudi Arabia. I see a terror group coming out of Saudi Arabia. I see the price of petroleum crashing. I see Iran surviving external threats and retaining its powers. I do not see America succeeding in its threats against Iran. I see the Arab countries working together against America.

I see management changes at Lasaco Insurance and AIICO Insurance. Let’s pray that some LASTMA officers are not attacked and killed in the course of duty. I see LAWMA creating troubles for the Lagos State government and I see LAWMA head facing troubles. Let’s pray not to lose a top NYSC official. I see the OANDO MD facing challenges as he will be on a hot seat and there will be serious attempts by some forces to put him in trouble. I see OANDO winning a major contract but there will be issues.

The ExxonMobil in Nigeria will face challenges as there will be efforts to disengage it from some major contracts.  Let’s pray for External Oil management not to be bereaved and face internal problems. Let’s pray for MRS Oil management not to lose big money and run into big debt. I see MRS Oil running a big project that would fail. I see APC losing Lagos State to another party in the nearest future. APC should start looking for another leader like Tinubu for the Southwest because if Tinubu is gone, the party will be gone with him. I see MTN and Airtel telecoms facing challenges. I see mass sack in the telecoms companies. Stanbic IBTC Bank should be prayerful against attacks. Unity Bank should pray against more attacks, Zenith Bank should pray against fire outbreak. CBN will have problem and I see some of its deputy governors and executive directors being redeployed. The CBN should pray against fire incident at any of its offices.

I see documents that will indict the NNPC for corruption. I see the GMD of NNPC under pressure. I see refineries being attacked and I see government trying to build new refineries. I see private refineries. I see Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets team going to World Cup tournament but they must strategize well in order to achieve success. The team has the chances to win the World Cup but they must strategize well and pray very well. I see Nigeria qualifying for the coming Nations Cup. I see the NFF president, Amaju Pinnick facing challenges. I don’t see Nigeria’s football growing until Pinnick is removed from office. Let’s pray against death at NFF. Let’s pray for any of our premiership league teams against accident. Nigeria’s Super Eagles team may run into debt.

APC will make efforts to win Bayelsa State but PDP will win. In Kogi State, the APC will win because PDP is not ready for the election. PDP is not interested in its candidate even though Kogi people are tired of Governor Yahaya Bello. I see Yahaya Bello winning a second term with a landslide. Dino Melaye would have defeated Bello but he did not emerge as candidate. In Edo State, Oshiomhole should leave Governor Obaseki alone for peace to reign. There is no candidate in PDP or APC that can defeat Obaseki now. The governor is God’s project in Edo State.

Let’s pray not to lose a one-time President in Africa. Let’s pray not to lose a one-time governor, SFG, former senate president and one-time minister and one-time Speaker of House of Representatives in Nigeria. People will rise against Muhammadu Buhari’s government because of hunger in the country. I see fire incident in the National Assembly and I see people attacking the National Assembly. I see Speaker of House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, having problems with his constituency and his supporters in the House. I see plots to impeach him and the senate president. Abubakar Atiku will lose at the Supreme Court. And he should not contest again in 2023 because he will only waste the party’s chances and waste his money again. His coming out will cause his party problems. Nigeria should pray against another recession. Border closure will not help Nigeria’s economy. Buhari’s economic team is good but it won’t be able to achieve much.

Dangote should pray so that his business will not face challenges. I see a new generation of mega business people taking over. Igbo will not be president in 2023 except they strategize well because the North will still decide who rules. If PDP pairs North Central and Igbo candidates in the 2023 presidential election, I see a positive change.

The SGF will face indictment. The North will disappoint Bola Tinubu on his 2023 presidential ambition. He needs to strategize well. The electricity companies will face problems; Eko Discos, Kwara Discos, Kwara Discos and others and some Discos officials will face challenges. I see some universities being shut down and their rectors and vice chancellors facing problems. I see some university lecturers facing challenges for immorality. Let’s pray against fire outbreak in any of the universities and protests where students will die. Buhari will bring the Northern Agenda towards the end of his second term. I see a Buhari minister facing challenges. EFCC chairman, Magu, will be confirmed but he will face challenges. I see corruption hitting EFCC. I see some Police AIGs and DIGs going on retirement. I see redeployment in the Army and some Generals going on retirement. I see new Service Chiefs named by Buhari. I see defections from PDP to APC towards 2023. Kwara State governor must watch it because PDP is strategizing to take back the state.

Those funding Boko Haram will be exposed. Government will sack workers for them to pay minimum wage and I see NLC and government in a face-off. Judiciary will be used to fight those opposing the government.. Only restructuring can save Nigeria otherwise the country won’t survive this present system of government and it may lead to breakup. Nigeria will experience economy hardship in 2020. I see problem between the English speaking part of the Cameroun and the French speaking part and it will lead to call for referendum.

I see FIRS chairman, Tunde Fowler removed from office. Oshiomhole may be removed by the cabal as APC chairman. Lagos State speaker, Obasa and Osun speaker will face political challenges. Abia speaker will experience political conspiracy. There will be plot to remove Jigawa speaker. Let APC pray not to lose any of its top chiefs. Let APC be watchful so that any of its office in Ondo, Abuja, Bayelsa and Kogi is not set on fire.

Malawian president will face challenges and probe to discredit him in the coming election and the opposition will plot against him and there will be protest against him. There will be an attack on Malian army. Vizcarra Martins may be the next president of Peru.

Haitian president will not have peace as the citizens will stage a protest to remove him. Some Microfinance banks will be shut down or merged. Cement price will rise. Israeli president, Benjamin Netanyahu will be probed and he will face challenges.

Military will continue to fight terrorism until the government changes the service chiefs.  UN will lose a country executive director and some of its aids workers will be held hostage or killed. Miners will be attacked in Jos. Hong Kong will come out of China. Let us pray against military coup in an African country which may not be successful.

I see Kano governor, Ganduje still fighting the Emir and some governors in the North will also fight some Emirs. Let’s pray not to lose an Emir. Ekiti State governor, Fayemi should work for the people well so that PDP will not take over the state after his tenure. He should avoid offending the Ekiti people. He should pray against accident. PDP will fight to take power from the Kaduna APC in the next election. El-Rufai presidential ambition in 2023 will suffer except he consults God. I had foretold the Osinbajo problem in 2018. It is happening now. Osinbajo will not be Nigeria’s president. I have 10 names among whom there is the candidate for 2023 presidency but I am going to release the names later. The cabal will not allow Osinbajo to rule Nigeria.

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