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Teni ‘The Entertainer’ Goes Spiritual

Call her female rave of the moment and you are not far from the truth. Teniola Apata a.k.a Teni The Entertainer, has said she has seen the vision that she is going to win the grammy awards very soon.

Teni who said one of her prophesies that she told someone she should take her picture and her number now because she has seen that she is going to be a superstar has already come to pass.

The 26-year-old BET awards nominee revealed that her inspiration and dream to win a Grammy is because she is so confident of her talent and abilities. She says she will not only win Grammys but also perform and sell out stadiums globally.

“I believe I will win the Grammys, I know I will win the Grammys, I will win the Grammys and I will sell out stadiums around the world. I just know, it’s just in my soul,” she said.

The ‘Uyo Meyo’ crooner says she’s known to be a stubborn lady, who does solely what she wishes and not what others wished her also said; “People I grew up with, like friends, have always known me to be a stubborn person. I do what I want to do because I just realize from a very young age that look here, how long am I going to be on this earth? So, I need to enjoy my life, as long as I am not harming anybody, I need to do what is best for. I would rather fail at what I want to do than fail doing what someone told me to do.”

Teni, who has gone from being Headies Award ‘Rookie Of The Year’ to a BET nominee in just two years, said her hit single, ‘Uyo Meyo’ which came from being grateful to God for everything, most especially after being able to complete her University programme, that took her 7 years to complete said she have had State Governors call her because of the hit track and that she has sat one-on-one with Dangote because of another hit track ‘Case’.

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