FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has released a clip on its Emmanuel TV’s official YouTube channel of a woman claiming that she had sex with Prophet T.B. Joshua to give him ‘demonic’ powers.SCOAN says it has decided to release the clip to illustrate the persecution of Prophet T.B. Joshua over the years.

In the clip, Nigerian Pastor Julius Babatunde Kumoluyi of the Word Bible Church is seen praying for a woman who claims to have slept with Africa’s most famous prophet.

“This bizarre footage – taken over two decades ago at a Lagos church – shows the extent of persecution TB Joshua has endured over the years, especially from religious groups and places of worship.“In the midst of a large congregation, this lady sensationally claims she slept with TB Joshua to give him demonic powers and made a satanic covenant with him – all the time being egged on by Nigerian Pastor Julius Babatunde Kumoluyi” reads a statement issued by the Church together with the footage.

The woman claims that TB Joshua belongs to her occult group and that SCOAN leader used to convene with them underneath the Calabar River in Cross River State in Nigeria.We gave T.B. Joshua seven powers“TB Joshua is our child. We gave him the prophetic power that he uses. We gave him seven powers” she narrates.

She claims that T.B. Joshua made a covenant that he would not sleep with any woman.“He made a covenant that he would not make love with any woman” she alleges.In addition, she claims that TB Joshua agree not to have more than 1 child. By the time of her ‘confession’, Prophet T.B. Joshua only had a single child. He is reported to have three children as of today.Holy Spirit told me T.B. Joshua’s man&hood is very small:

Pastor Julius Babatunde Kumoluyi, while praying for the woman, commands the spirit of T.B. Joshua to come into the church.

Pastor Kumoluyi says he can see T.B. Joshua private parts and that his size is very small.“I am seeing the private parts of the Man in the Synagogue. His man* ood is very small” says Pastor Kumoluyi.He then asks the woman of the size. She agrees with him, saying T.B. Joshua or the Man in the Synagogue as they call him has a man* hood the size of a small finger.“He has made love with this woman and his man* hood is very small.

 The Holy Spirit told me that they made love together and that his m*n hood is very small” declares the pastor.Prophetic Powers on Private PartsPastor Kumoluyi then commands the Holy Spirit to strip Prophet T.B. Joshua naked, before asking the woman: “how many powers did you give him in his pubic hair?”“We gave him three powers. He can not make love with any woman again” repeats the woman.

While she says the two met when Prophet T.B. Joshua was already a prophet, she claims he did not have any prophetic powers then until he was given the occult powers which he uses.“He was fasting for powers then. He came to my house and he told me that they said I am a witch and that he wanted me to help me him gain some powers”.He wanted to marry meThe woman says Prophet T.B Joshua showed interest in her and that he confessed to loving her. But she chased him away.“Before he asked for the power, he told me that he loved me and that he wanted to marry me but I turned him down.“He came back later and begged me that it was the power he needed the most. I then gave him the power as he had requested” she further alleges.

She says T.B. Joshua promised to offer his only child to the occult if his wishes to be a famous prophet were to come true.
However, Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations says the claims are a clear indication that their leader has been targeted since the early years of his ministry.The church included a quote by T.B. Joshua that “If you have not tasted persecution and humiliation, you will not be able to manage honour when it comes”.

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