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'Buhari Is The Cause Of Insecurity In Nigeria' - Primate Ayodele

Nigeria's most accurate prophet, Primate Ayodele, who is the leader and founder of INRI Evangelical Church, Ejigbo, Lagos, has accused the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mohammed Buhari, as the one behind insecurity in Nigeria.

He said insecurity will disqualify buhari's government if care is not taken and his party All Progress Congress (APC) because he is not doing what is right to stop the security challenges we are facing in this country.

Ayodele said herdsmen will continue to disturb his government until he does the right thing by changing security chiefsin the country, he noted that Nigeria is not yet safe if the President does not change this people.

He also spoke on the end of Boko Haram as a mere lie

'' boko haram is not yet over FG are just lying for us''

he said he is seeing protest against Buhar's because security challenges will ruin  this government.

Primate Ayodele the number one soothsayer said we need to pray very well in this country so that this security issue will not destroy this nation, But if President fix the right people as our security chief's Nigeria will be peaceful again, Ayodele added.

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