FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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Polaris Bank Rewards Loyalty With Bad Services

It was a pitiable sight on Wednesday in the banking hall of Polaris Bank (Skye Bank) when an elderly burst into tears over a Point of Sales (PoS) that went bad.

According to the unconsolable woman, she bought some items that were needed in the house, with the intention of paying with the PoS.
Sadly, according to her, she was debited but the third party was not credited.

What made her cry was that the Customer Service Officer at Polaris told her that it would take another seven to ten days to revert the failed transaction.

"How will I take care of those at home", she lamented.

The expectations of depositors were that of improved services after the intervention of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) last year, rather it has gotten worse.

Just after the elderly lady's narrative, another customer told this reporter that he also did a PoS transaction on March 10, this year, he was debited also, but the third party has not been credited till date even after he had reported the failed transaction to the bank.

According to him, after doing all was asked to do, the only response he got was that the bank was still investigating almost a month after.

He hinted that there was a similar experience his friend had sometime in October 2018 that has not been reverted till date.

According to the customer, "my account officer told me on Monday that the money would be reverted that day, three days after, nothing has happened.

"I thought the bank will be better after the CBN shake up, it has gone from bad to worse."
Maybe the best thing for me to do is to change my banker," he added.

The CBN took over Skye Bank Plc last year, sacked the board of directors chaired by Mr. Tunde Ayeni.

 It was renamed Polaris Bank with a new board.

By Idris Lawal.

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