FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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BUZOPAT Adadioramma Of Ozubulu

March 3rd 2019 was a date the URUEZI COMMUNITY IN EGBEMA OZUBULU, ANAMBRA STATE, NIGERIA will not forget till eternity.

It was a day the queen of hearts,  their illustrious daughter,  the limit breaker amazon, the ambassador for charity,  peace and unity, the one and only  Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick took the Charity ball humanitarian  services (season 4) to the widows,  orphans, aged ones,  youths and the physically challenged persons in URUEZI community.

It was a day this Wonder Woman who puts her mind,  soul and passion into her smallest act to make it become huge and unforgettable deposited joy and happiness in people's lives.

Just like always,  you will be seeing her broadcasts and will be thinking she won't be able to pull this one out because of the economic situation in the country, Country where people talk charity on lip service,  Country where people raise your hope and dash it on rocks, Country where everyone doubts someone's sincerity of purpose but Buzopat is one woman obstacles, challenges and impossible realities doesn't deflate her determination tyres, she is her own locomotive engine,  she sees what others don't see,  believes strongly in her vision and has unshakable confidence in God while stretching out to transform lives and destinies positively.

Buzopat Charity Ball community outreach witnessed a laudable, loveable and tremendous turn out,  as early as 10am for an event slated for 12noon.

Widows of EGBEMA Ozubulu was already seated in the canopies kept at the village hall premises,  they were all chorousing same thing," we have never seen anyone who has done anything like this  in the whole town before " by the time the event started properly,  Buzopat had enough on ground to give to the applause and wonder of many.

A woman got sewing machine,  crutches were given, nylon sealing machine were given out,  footballs,  100 Motivational books,  plenty of yams,  bags of rice,  cartons of indomies, Buzopat moisturising lotions,   Buzopat liquid soaps,  uncountable clothes of different designs and sizes,  assorted shoes,  bags,  T-shirts and face caps were shared to all,  excersize books and brochures were in abundance,  baba Beefroll galas, mauflers, were shared,  special gifts were given to the aged elders in the community,  school fees were paid for Miss OGEchukwu ofiaeli, Ebere nwauzo, somtoo Imeh,  Anwasia chimezie,  ejezie makuchukwu, mercy obinawa,  precious obinawa amongst others.

 It was really an emotional day for everyone as prayers upon prayers were pouring out of people's lips for Chibuzo's good,  both old and young had enough blessings to pour.

The activities took a gyration turn when a musician of repute from Lagos ZUCCEE took over the stage and made the widows dance to their satisfaction.

The children were not left out of the fun because the comedian of the Federal republic of Nigeria PAPA B from Lagos took over and brought out hidden talents from the community children who came out enough massse to witness AMB Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick 's kind and sincere love to her people.

Buzopat was given the name ADADIORAMMA OF OZUBULU. she was celebrated by all who values her vision, fusion, style and  her angelic humble nature.

I will not stop writing about this trail blazer with iconic image,  she is principled,  firm, passionate with undiluted sense of humour. If you don't like it and want to beef my write up, please start doing what she does effortlessly and media will follow you with love like we are doing for her.

Thank you Ambassador,  and thank you to anyone who added pin to support her cause.

May God bless you all and to those whose disappointment couldn't stop her drive REPENT AND REDEEM YOURSELF. 

She is always on the move with different human faced projects,  join her.

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