FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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Dr. Chris Okafor Returns Baby Into Woman’s Womb After 22 Months Of Pregnancy

The power of God remain as ever, and whoever God has called remains his mouth piece on earth, those are the submission of worshipers at the ongoing Harvest of Supernatural Prophetic and deliverance conference season 1 in Ihite, Orunba south of Anambra state Nigeria,.

While the servant of God and the Generational Prophet of God did what he is known for, through the realm of the prophetic as he located a woman who was pregnant for 22 months, after so many medical attempt to trace why she could not put to bed after 22 month of pregnancy.

Medically she confirmed that there was no baby in her womb, but when the oracle of God located her and her case file was open, it was discovered through the realm of the prophetic by God’s General that her baby was removed spiritually by the wicked one who did not want her have a baby, God reveals to redeem.

The Generational Prophet of God trace where the baby was tied, the baby was loose and instantly given back to her mother, the baby came back as the fine boy start to move up and down in her mummy’s Tommy, the man of God confirmed that the baby is a baby boy, the crown which is over 2million were overwhelmed with the power of God at the conference,.

Also a woman who has been in wheelchair for over 7 years stood on her feet and work again, according to her own case file she was attacked by the wicked family but at the conference God located her and set her free.

Speaking on the topic, ‘’CROSSING TO THE OTHER SIDE WITH EVIDENCE’’ the Apostle of Altars Dr Chris okafor said God reveals to him that as much as the people are ready to serve him with their might and remains in his vineyard in 2019 they will cross over with evidence.

The day 2 of the prophetic and deliverance was more of miracles and deliverance, various expectations were met by God, over 80 barren woman received there miracle babies, meanwhile over 200,000 convert gave their life to Christ at the conference. The Liberation voice were not left out as Gabriel Peters and Amaka Joel gave their best to make the conference a remarkable one.

The conference continues, so if you want breakthrough, want contract, and want money, delivery from blood line disease. Want fruits of the womb, want miracles and deliverance make a date with the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor tomorrow as your life will never remain the same.

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