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Why I Produce Spiritual Perfumes - Sheikh Mustapha Taoreed

Popular Islamic cleric and philanthropist in the ancient city of Abeokuta, Sheikh Mustapha Taoreed has said he produced spiritual perfumes for healing and combating spiritual battles.

The perfume comes in two types, namely Al-Iyamoye (Ruqiyah) and Al-Iyamoye  (Al-barka) respectively.

According to him, the major reasons why he started the production of these spiritual perfumes is to make Nigerians get liberty from the various spiritualities facing them all faces of life with an easy way.

It is on reputable note that Nigerians and neighbouring countries have fall in love with the popular "99" perfume which has no effect in combating spirituality and their deliverance.

He added that the Ruqiyah  and Al-Barka perfumes are rich in contents and the names of Almighty Allah is used as part of its ingredients, while urging Nigeria and abroad to embrace the products in a trial mission and they shall all testify to the goodness of Almighty Allah.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Mustapha as an Islamic cleric also has a foundation that caters for the needy, The foundation has successfully sponsored nothing less than 83 less privileged students to higher institution of their choices within Ogun State and beyond, the foundation did not stop at this but sponsor footballers abroad for greener pastures to mention few.

This spiritual perfumes is all over Nigeria, most circulated in the northern part of Nigeria.
For marketing and distribution anywhere in Nigeria call 08065784060

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