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His Royal Majesty, The Elerunwon of Erunwon-Ijebu, Oba (Barrister) Okubena Johnson Adebayo Adeniyi (Adaralejoye ii) and the good and loving People of the Kingdom, will on Saturday the 3rd of November, 2018, bestow a Post-Humours Award on our Late Brother, Father, Grandfather, and Great-grandfather-Omoba (Barrister) Hector  Adepoju Okueyungbo (aka Baba Lawyer, or Baba H.A).

This Award is in  recognition of his selfless, illustrous and legal contributions to the defence of Truth, Justice and Integrity in Erunwon-Ijebu Kingdom, during his life and times, over three decades ago.

Profile of our own Late Prince (Barrister) Hector Adepoju Okueyungbo (1917-1988)

Late Omooba (Barrister) Hector Adepoju Okueyungbo was born 6th August, 1917, to the Osisunmoye Royal Family of Erunwon-Ijebu Kingdom. His father, Late Omooba Daniel Banjo Okueyungbo, was a younger Stepbrother and closest Sibling of Late Elerunwon Oba Samuel Bello Senboyejo (a.k.a Atunlute). His mother was Princess Elizabeth A. Okueyungbo-a descendant of Tunwase Royal Family of Ijebu-Ode.

Lawyer H.A Okueyungbo's father was Baba-Ijo of St John's Anglican Church, Odosimadegun, while his mother was Iya-Ijo of the same Church, in their lifetime.

'Baba H.A' started his Elementary Education at St. John's Anglican Primary,  Odosimadegun and completed it at St. Saviour's School, Ijebu-Ode. He studied at home for his Senior Cambridge Examinations Certificate and later went to School of Agriculture, Moore Plantation, Ibadan, graduating in 1941.

Lawyer H.A Okueyungbo became a Produce Inspector and worked in various parts of Nigeria. He got married in 1946 to beautiful Miss B. Ola Ogunpitan, a daughter of the Baale of Ododeyo and the marriage was blessed with many successful sons and a daughter.

In 1953, Daddy Lawyer proceeded to the prestigious University of Exeter, United Kingdom and later, to Lincoln's Inn, London, for the Law Degree and became the Pioneer Lawyer in Ilugun-Alaro.

In 1959, Baba joined the Western Region Civil Service, as an Administrative Officer. He became Head and  a great inspiration of the extended Daniel Banjo Okueyungbo Family. He was also the Baba-Ijo of St. Michael Anglican Church, Ododeyo and doubled as the Aare of the town. Baba was a lover of his Roots and People; a great Philanthropist and an Educationist par excellence

At a time of the crisis, which beset and threatened the established Institution of Royalty in Erunwon-Ijebu Kingdom, when the rights and procedures to the throne were in question, as due processes seemed muddled up, 'Baba H.A',  in his humane and brilliant professional capacity, stood solidly by the Throne and the People of Erunwon-Ijebu Kingdom, in defence of truth and integrity, as a true son-of-the-soil, illustrious, fearless, loving, focused, painstaking, and selfless in giving protracted free Legal services to the Kingdom under The Elerunwon-HRM Oba (Cardinal) Awofeso Owoseeni (Abere-Oje i), by which the future of all the Four Royal Families in Erunwon Kingdom became entrenched and made truly sustainable.

Omooba (Barrister) H.A Okueyungbo slept in the Lord on the 27th day of July, 1988 and was interred on the 20th August of the same year.

Today, we remember, as always and honour this great Prince and Defender of repute,  Fore-runner and Role-model; Omo:
-Opoto yinmo, yinmo. -Lemoye Lesu. -Elerunwon Sodi, m'eso. -Memu, mee mu. -Osisunmoye; oloore sobu nan.  -Akija Ewumose. -Alagogo ide, abide yekeyeke. -Alase; ase wah! -Erelu abiye.

-Deyoruwa; ojiji fegberin. -Iwo nho sen, sen; inun alejo nyo se se! -Ololo fuwa, fuwa; o b'omo mefa, dede nwon j'oye n'ojure. -Olowo j'oye meji po. -Gbeungbeun ni Italapo. -Ipalaro merindinlogun re ni'ta Lajoda. -Ajiro tutu l'agbede. - Sopen n'ukale!  -Olowu o dudu, aji f'edesire; Okun-owa wenren.

-Akomoyan, alade eri. -Ar'ojo yo'ye; a d'ele t'eji, t'eji! -Ajanlekoko, kuse, kuse; esu ose koko, aja tonle l'esu nse. 

Omooba:  -Ab'obu ku bi ojo.  -Atunlute b'eni nte'fa. -Jesu Christi Olugbala.

Didun, didun l'ao mâ se'ranti nyin..

Congratulations, to the Daniel Banjo Okueyungbo family at home and in the diaspora and to The Osisunmoye Royal Family, for leaving good footprints on the sand of time. Please keep the flag flying!

Prince Adetoye Okueyungbo (Son)/ for the family.

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