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It sounds like fake but it's so real,  This amazing lifestyle makes one wonder if she is real yet she is 100% credible.

Coming across AMB.  Mrs Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick one is usually forced to ask what pushes her,  what energises her, what propels her, what motivates her,  what inspires her and what kind of blood runs in her veins.

Every now and then she comes out with impossible task that only her makes possible,  she comes up with ideas and vision you can call crazy but not with Chibuzo Patrick.

When i heard about this no form pageantry,  I said not again but not only are the girls not paying for forms,  they are undergoing life transforming trainings on line for one month,  they are usually camped and fed with a lot of reputable speakers coming to camp to speak to them and all choreography and chaperone activities in great shape, and this is the 3rd year. Guess what?  When i asked her what she gains in all these, " SHE SAID HAVING THEM BECOME BETTER PEOPLE GIVES ME JOY".

well success belongs to those who wake up every morning and pursue their dreams regardless of the hardships, they put their mind and soul into the smallest acts,  that secret defines the fact that nature never rushes yet it accomplishes everything,  that's the only way i can describe this woman whose water have provided life to thousands and have made unforgettable impact in the lives of not only those who have come across her but those orphans,  down syndrome children, the drug abused youths,  the violated children and the youths who she opens her door wide for when ever any one runs to her for any form of assistance. 

The time is here again and the date is on 21st of October, @ Golden Tulip Hotel Festac,  come and celebrate with these privileged few and with those that the cap fits as motivational personalities will be receiving prestigious motivational award same day.

This is an event that people eat in Golden Tulip and the event is not ticketed.  I know that haters may be feeling hey it's enough but what this woman does are extraordinary and very transformational.
All am saying to those who are looking for good and serious NGO's to help out,  search no more, reach out to the founder of MELJENSTIN youth empowerment initiative NGO,  she is too much.

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