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I'll Transform Abeokuta South Constituency 2 - Hon. Ayodele Wasiu

House of Assembly  Aspirant under the platform of  Labour Party , Representing Abeokuta South  Local Government, constituency 2 , Has boasted that he will transform Ogun central constituency and also emulate past achievements of his successor if elected as house of Assembly member come 2019 general election.

He said" my people have not enjoyed the benefits they deserved under the APC administration that is representing us now. APC are just deceiving our people with their so- called change mantra" Both at the state and federal level

He said this in a telephone conversation with news extra online publisher Obadimu Adeyemi Vernon on Tuesday.

" I will fill all holes that this administration has created  if elected, Abeokuta south people deceived the best, have not hold any political office before , but have empowered and touched lives with my foundation, IGBALAYE AYODELE FOUNDATION. The aspirant noted.

He said have helped people of my constituency more than our present house of Assembly member representing us, that's why i sat down i think its the right time i contest and give my people the best treatment they deserved.

However i will just need to advice my people to vote wisely and support igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele come 2019 general election, youths need to take over, we are not leaders of tomorrow but leaders of today, we need to change our ideology and support and vote youth's into government come general election.

Have been saying this before and i will say it again today, I will run a youth oriented government and will continue to empower youths, he added.

 Hon. Wasiu igbalaye is an Admin officer  Ecole Superieure de Technologie et de Gestion ( ESTG) university, he is also the CEO of igbalaye ayodele foundation and the CEO skippo and junior Concept.

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