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Nigerian Police Watch On As Russian Lady, Svetiana Alexandrovna, Assaults, Racially Abuses Nigerian Man


Who will save Nigerian youths from the incompetent and corrupt Law Enforcement Agencies like the Nigerian Police? When Nigerian Police Force top ranking officers aide foreigners to assault and racially abuse the citizens of Nigeria on Nigerian soil, that’s the height of betrayal!

The General Manager of New Ikenga Hotel and Resort Nsukka in Enugu State, a Russian lady, by the name Svetiana Alexandrovna, assaulted and racially abused responsible Nigerian Entrepreneurs who were having a nice staff and management get together in her hotel. The management and staff of this export company (name withheld) lodged in the hotel on Sunday 15th of April 2018 and also had a get together at the bar of Ikenga Hotels in Enugu.

Unfortunately one the staffers had too much to drink and vomited, this is normal, it happens. 
Svetiana Alexandrovna instead of instructing the staffs of the hotel to help their customer clean up and stabilize, started calling the customers unprintable names. She called him “King Of The Forest”, Homosapian”, “Black Goat” !!!


This Russian lady, who it has been alleged is owing her staffs two months salary, rained these unprintable names on him while covering her nose to suggest that her Nigerian customers were oozing and not of her racial class.  She screamed at them like worthless animals with confidence and ordered her security officers to throw the guy out of the hotel premises.

He was left outside from 11 PM to 2 AM. When one of the staffs went out to check on him, to his utter shock he discovered that the guy was not just thrown out but mercilessly beaten like a hardcore criminal, with bruises all over his body.

The security officers also hit him on his eyes which was undergoing medical treatment. As you read, he can’t see with that eye anymore, that eye is now blind. As if the humiliation by a Russian on their father’s land was not enough, while they were in a meeting the next morning 16th of April, they were interrupted by officers of the Nigerian Police. They were arrested and taken to the station. For what one would ask? For buying drinks while lodging in your hotel or for vomiting? Is this Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirate?

They got to the station by 10: 45 AM. Svetiana Alexandrovna refused to show up which delayed them and cost them an extra business day in Enugu. She arrived by 5 PM and to the shock of everybody continued raining abuses on these Nigerians in front of the DPO, Badamosi Mohammed, who was at this moment begging her and making her feel untouchable . Svetiana Alexandrovna repeatedly called them King Of The Forest, Black Goats, Homosapians in front of the DPO who instead of arresting her for racial abuse or even try to tell her to stop abusing Nigerians on the soil of their birth, was cap in knees begging her like his master to calm down.

The worst happened when one of the company staffs tried to tell their side of the story, the DPO shouted him down and walked him out of his office…. That’s the height of the humiliation. A foreigner now has
more rights and privileges than Nigerian citizens in Nigeria! This can never happen in any European country at least not in Russia.

They left the station by 5:30 PM and were shocked to be told that they must also pay for full day’s hotel bill. The company paid for extra day they didn’t use and also footed the bill of the wounded victim.
What a country, when will Nigerian security agencies start protecting the interest of innocent citizens?

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