FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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“Guilty Corrupt Leaders Should Be Tied, Dump Inside Red Sea” - Bishop Bankole Jefferson

General Overseer Of Mercy Tebanacle, Ogba, Lagos Nigeria, Bishop Bankole Jefferson has said hands of corrupt leaders who are found guilty should be tied and thrown into the red sea.

Bishop Bankole also advised the government to also look at ways to tackle institutional corruption saying that is also one of the major factors that defiled the fight against corruption in the country.

Speaking at a Sunday service in his church, the man of God said various government institutions needed to be thoroughly examined, he cited an example of the Nigeria police force who needs to be restructured so as to curtail corruption.

He said the institution is difficult to be checkmated because, people are scared to reveal their atrocities to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.

The Clergy man said if someone report a case at any police station but, that person is not rich, his or her legitimate case might be turn around to favour the accused, while the complainant will turn to be accused. This he said is the order of the day in many police stations just because of their selfish interest.

Bishop Bankole emphasized that revolution in the country will bring to nearest minimum the menace of corruption in the country. He also remarked that it is high time the youths in the country rise up to their responsibility and fight for their position in governance by saying enough is enough for all the old recycled politicians in the country.

He said; “it is only God that can rescue Nigeria out of corruption by our leaders, this country has rendered the youths unproductive, many youths now take to crime to survive.”

“In country like Dubai, no youth does manual job, they are all gainfully employed, that is why if you lose any of your property you find it within 48 hours, why because every youth is self sufficient but, in Nigeria reverse is the case, there is no security of life and property, no job for the youth.”

So, I think it is high time the youths call for revolution and any leaders or political office holder found waiting, he/she should be handcuff and dump inside the red sea to serve as a deterrent to others.

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