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Staging A Genuine Award, Beauty Pageant Event- AMB Buzopat’s Pace Setting Approach

Sunday October 15, 2017 at Golden Tulip Hotel, Festac Lagos, will go down the memory lane. It was a gathering of who is who in the Entertainment, Health, Business, Media, Beauty, I.T and Movie sectors. It was the just concluded 4th edition of Motivational Awards and Miss Motivational Nigeria brain pageant.

In a serenaded ambiance, cool evening, one of the warmest days to host a gathering of elegant, well planned and sumptuously organized event, Ambassador Chibuzor Mbaso Patrick aka Buzopat got it all right with this double event.

This amazon called Buzopat does not go from one Radio stations to another, nor does she move from one TV station to another or from bustop to bustop sharing fliers, but she has become a super brand that magnets like honey and draws corporate individuals, government personalities, comedians of the federal republic, nollywood A lists, artiste of repute, humanitarian bigwigs and even foreign friends. Everybody identifies with her because she is a success story, a moving machine, a tireless watch dog, a mother hen, a selfless peacock and highly multi talented with down to earth humility that humbles those who come in contact with her.

The amazing thing about this prestigious Motivational awards is the type of personalities that win it, a peep into their profile will tongue tie you because they are into humanitarian services despite their success in different field of endeavours, almost all the recipients that spoke said that they never met Buzopat and were all surprised when a letter indicating that they have won an already concluded online voting. This style shows sincerity of purpose. Who said that one cannot dare to be different, Amb Buzopat is definitely setting a new pace worthy of emulation.


My search light shifted to Miss Motivational brain pageant girls and the testimonies were same, they told me that their parents didn't believe that it was real. That someone can sacrifice this much for people she doesn't know, free forms, free 3 weeks online training on metaphor, confidence, passion, beliefs, dream, courage, determination, purpose, anchoring, morals etc, free camping with good food, free camp speakers just for them to be better molded to fit in and conquer the challenges of our today's world.

In my personal observation, i saw love everywhere, everyone that came to that event did so out of love for the woman who radiates love and whose essence is love.

I will profile the awardees one after the other very soon, i just wanted to first and foremost say thank you and weldone to Amb Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick aka Buzopat.

Shaba Gbenga Isaac, CEO Omonaijablog 07030091471

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