How To Move Around Town Affordably If You Don't Own A Car

Living without a car in a Nigerian city could pose a major mobility problem. Attending to work and business needs from one end of town to the other, visiting family and hanging out with friends could become an arduous task and before you know it, you've become a pariah in your comity of friends.

Well, not owning a car shouldn't be a death sentence, you can now affordably move from Point A to Point B in the city courtesy of the indigenous made Ryno app.

Ryno is a Nigerian taxi-hailing app that employs the services of professional and licensed drivers to deliver the quality taxi experience to its teeming number of clients in and around the city. It's a taxi-hailing app that assures users of affordable fares, no surge pricing, zero cancellation fees, offline booking and ride sharing, so family and friends could pool resources and pay for fares together without breaking a sweat.

With Ryno, the payment platform is totally reliable, fail-proof and secure. The app has an inbuilt security alarm and it allows payment cards of all types.

To use Ryno, simply download the app on Google Play store or App store or visit, register and you're ready to ride.

Make your next taxi-hailing ride a Ryno and redefine what it means to move around town affordably. With Ryno, you ride on your terms...

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